I tire

of writing about Ron Paul.  I’ve posted the website for you. Vote-smart.org.  I’ve even broke it down for you.  None of it seems to matter.  So now I will try a different tack.

Can Ron Paul be an effective president?  The answer of course is no.  He can be a republican president, or he can waste four years sitting in a nice cushy chair in a room with an average view, and almost round walls.  The man has a very limited constituency.  He’s another Texan.  This means deep in his heart he has Texan values. Erm, so does George Bush.

   Nobody can shrink government.  At least not briskly, and for all you states rightsers (like that word), remember that was the battle cry of the confederacy.  Thats what the civil war was all about.  Good old honest Abe saw sedition as a killing blow to the US of A, and he used slavery as a means to put states rights to bed forever.  Damn good of him, too.

   While I think Rich Paul makes some very good points about how having statehouses controlling things would minimize damage, but I think what it would really end up being is the federal government rescuing states piecemeal from the ineptitude of their leadership.  This could probably be avoided somewhat if we required voters to prove an awareness of the issues, but thats not going to happen.

    In affect, a vote for Ron Paul would be much like a vote for Ross Perot.  What it could do is ensure a democratic presidency, which isn’t such a horrible consideration.  I like laughing at liberals as they muck about in matters they know little about almost as much as conservatives


6 Responses to I tire

  1. Deuce says:

    Then why do you keep writing about it?

  2. its my responsibility as a citizen. If I can change just one mind and all that

  3. Joel Cawthon says:

    You assert
    “Can Ron Paul be an effective president? The answer of course is no.” but don’t go on to explain why you make this assinine statement. Either because your talking out your ass. Or you honestly dont know a damn thing about Ron Paul other than what will fit on a business card. Don’t try to get a job as a journalist. And any importance you might
    feel in expressing your opinion to the world is completely negated when you so obviously show so little knowledge.

  4. oh…an intellectual. I run into those here time to time. first, tie your shoes before you leave the house, and don’t forget your lunch money.
    There is no way Ron Paul could effectively lead this nation. There are far to many deep pockets paying congress. they would never allow it.
    man, some of you will even argue against the obvious…i guess this is why I like you.

  5. Joel Cawthon says:

    Thats a very Defeatest Position, you might as well just say you have no power in this life other than
    to submit to the will of big money. So just lay your
    heads quietly and enjoy the blue pill! “It tastes like Steak!”
    Ron Paul has plans to pressure congress to do what they were intended to do. As president he could definatly do so. You’ve seen how easily they are pressured by bush. They are pathetic. So again
    your logic here is Mute and Self Righteously indignant. Vote Smart? Well if that means picking either of the top 3 corporatists poster boys in both parties. Thank you, but no.

  6. no, but what I might say is that when any dilrod is allowed to vote one vote doesn’t really matter. I know thats hard to swallow, but with the advent of the electoral college the popular vote became somewhat passe’. Sorry if that goes against the grain, but there it is.
    I’m for a Ron Paul candidacy. I think he creates some conversation that wouldn’t be had otherwise. I’m also for a 10 party system, long moonlit walks on the beach, and inter-species sex.

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