I was watching CNN

    I know, I know.  This proves something is obviously wrong with me.  I was watching FOX, but got tired of them crowing about Anjelina Jolie banning them from her movie debut (the movie has something to do with freedom of the press), that I turned to watch my boy Lou Dobbs get bent out of shape about immigration reform.  Anyway…here are a few tidbits gleaned from these august news organizations.

Did you know that when people get really sick elsewhere in the world they come here because our medical technology is just plain better?  That our patient care is actually not bad?  I didn’t know.  From everything I’ve been hearing I shouldn’t go to our hospitals.  I’m liable to have my spleen ripped out and sewed to my scrotum to treat me for a hangnail.

Michael Bloomberg’s voting registration has been changed from Republican to unaffiliated?  Maybe Ron Paul for vice president?  For those of you don’t know, mr. bloomberg is a billionaire…he can finance his own campaign.

I’m not sure where its at, but Bill and Hillary Clinton have a little you tube type video spoofing the soprano’s…check her campaign website.

Ron Paul has paid his daughter over 160,000 dollars to work on his campaign over three election cycles.  He hasn’t done anything wrong; (its unlawful to hire them to work on your congressional staff, but you can hire family members to work on your campaign), but when you’re trying to be mr do everything right….isn’t this a little unseemly?

the immigration reform mess keeps getting worse.  Lou Dobbs is almost purple.  It seems corporate america is having seminars explaining how to avoid hiring American workers and hiring immigrants instead.

along those lines…good luck getting your passport renewed.  Seems that citibank and the state department can’t keep up and are running about 1.5 million behind.  Its ok…you didn’t really want to see tuscany anyway….the pizza and wine are atrocious.


3 Responses to I was watching CNN

  1. Gman says:

    Go and vote for Rudy McRomney. Please!!!!

    Lose your Constitutional Rights and don’t pass Go.

    And when you’re done doing that, I need to borrow your wallet for a few minutes…

    Keep watching FOX. Don’t forget to wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth, when it’s over.

  2. Zydeco says:

    It’s not unseemly at all since, as you note, he’s not spending government money, but privately-raised money.

    His daughter presumably worked hard for his campaign those three years — Paul is known for being very frugal with expenses — so $160,000 might be actually underpaying her for her work.

    It’s funny to watch the crab-pot effect in action.

  3. g-man: i’ve made no determination yet…but it won’t be romney…i’m not loaning you my wallet…you’re a ron paul fan…i wouldn’t loan you the sweat off my scrotum

    zydeco: thats why i asked…some of his donors might like his employees not to be related to him. I would frown on someone I was intending to vote for hiring family…it shows poor judgement.

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