Ron Paul Fundraisers

  Just thougth I’d help out with a few Idea’s to raise money for Ron…..lord knows, anyone that only has holdings in 6 gold conglomerates needs the cash.

The Ron Paul Regatta and Demolition Derby:  This should be a hoot.  It starts out as a boat race, but being its Ron Paul fans they are all going in their own direction.  When the last boat sinks Ron Gets the money.

The Henry Gibson lookalike contest:  This one works like a walk- a- thon.  You dress up like Henry Gibson, who is the spitting image of Ron Paul.  Then you take pledges based on how long you can portray one of Henry’s beloved characters.  for those of you to young to know what I’m talking about I have included a handy dandy Henry Gibson Link for your educational enjoyment.   (the link includes a picture…i’d show it here but I’m not a thief)

The Ron Paul off shore oil drilling race:  Yes, you heard it here.  The trick to this one (since just anybody can drill for oil offshore) is that you have to receive all funding from the government.  Ron approves of this, though it contradicts his “free market” idealogy.  No kiddin.  You can read it for yourself at    He voted for the  federal government to pay for offshore oil exploration.  Kind of a strange small government stance, but hey, its a chance for his many fans to get wet, dirty, and spends oodles of government funds, while assisting “poor” Ron in his bid for the presidency.

The two faces Jamboree:  This ones easy.  just pick a topic, put on a Ron Paul mask and vote for issues as many times as you can.  This would work well as a pledge event.  What you do is you vote against an issue because  “you don’t think the federal government has any right being involved in this issue”  then turn around and vote for a similar issue, without mentioning your anti federal government stance.

A Hang Abe Lincoln in effigy contest:  Why the hell shouldn’t Georgia have slaves after all if they so desire?  Its a state issue and the federal government shouldn’t be involved.  This may seem extreme, but I haven’t heard Ron Paul come out against slavery.  It was his “states rights ” issue that was the basis for the civil war…lets do it again.  I’ve been wanting to shoot me a redneck for quite sometime now.

These are just a few great ideas to help “poor” ron raise money for his campaign.  I’m not donating.  booze is expensive, and I support the Anhueser Busch clydesdales for president.


One Response to Ron Paul Fundraisers

  1. FL Freedom says:

    Well, we lost the civil war that’s for sure. Paying for it forever.

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