another Ron Paul post

June 20, 2007

   Well, its kind of hard not to like this guy.  Its unfortunate that his presidential hopes are delusional.  He’s tried before, and maybe he thinks the country is ready for his brand of democracy, but I got 10 bucks that says it isn’t.  The more I read about him the more I respect him though, and even if a lot of the things he does look more like gimmick than lawmaking, I can’t help feeling in his own little misguided way the man is genuine. 

   I still won’t waste my vote on him, but its kind of cool that he’s there forcing the conversation as it were.  If you are curious, a fan, an enemy, or merely a cynical naysayer like myself, here’s a website that will tell you pretty much all you ever wanted to know about the man.

    Read it, and tell me you don’t wish your guy was half as genuine.  I still say he isn’t a libertarian, but then niether am I if you get right down to it.

You’re on borrowed time

June 20, 2007

   Well, its true.  You are.  A friend of mine returned to work today.  He’s an old ornery codger named gordon, that I happen to like quite a bit.  This is a rare thing.  Not gordon being old.  Me liking him.  A lot of the people at work are old.  Its hard to get young people to take jobs that require such things as sweat, and labor, and pain.  I’m not here to rail about the laziness of today’s youth however.  Hopefully they will be tomorrows lazy old codgers.

    Gordon is about 67.  He works as an electrician, and does a pretty decent job of embarassing men half his age with his stamina, attention to detail, and all around exemplary work ethic.  He talks about his farm and his horses, and whatever else anyone wishes to talk about. If he starts the conversation though, its about horses or farms.  He says hello Will everytime he walks by me.  Hows the day going?  He reminds me of the folks back home, and this is probably what caused me to levitate toward him.  I generally do not make friends at work. The reason for that is that I am working.  Its a novel concept that I’d like to see tried by the millions of nitwits that play solitaire, or write, or chat, or surf porn at work all day.  I’m almost certain it won’t take.

    Anyway.  He returned to work today.  He had missed three days because of the death of his son.  A man 8 years younger than I.  I shook his hand, and through careful scrutiny was able to detect the pain in his eyes when I expressed my heartfelt condolences.   I buried a brother when I was 12, and will never forget the hell it put my parents through.  The old saw about you should never outlive your children might well be the truest words ever spoken.  He thanked me, and you could see it actually meant something to him.  He didn’t take it as mere platitude, but an honest expression of sympathy.  Not a smarmy thing.  Not boohooin and huggin, but a man thing.  Which same I’m sure makes many of you roll your eyes, but its a fact.  Men exist.

    Anyway, in our brief conversation after this I said the guy couldn’t of been but my age.  He said how old are you?  44 I replied.  He said with no malice, but obvious chagrin that I’d gotten 8 more out of life than his son.  Then he grinned and said I guess that means were both on borrowed time.  I smiled, and related the story about my brother, and pointed out that everyone is.  He chuckled and said since the time was borrowed we should make the most of it.

   I’m not sure how I got talked into riding a bean brained swaybacked horse this weekend.  I don’t really like Gordon that much.  Riding a horse is kind of like wrasslin a bag of antlers.  What the hell. Its not my time.  Enjoy yours like you borrowed it.

Ron Paul is not a god

June 20, 2007

   and all you heathens are not prophets.  You are however likely as not the same quack- pots that raised The Ross Perot banners lo those many years ago, ushering in the decade of the over serviced gland.  We the people thank you.  Ol Bill did ok by todays standards, and it was the Ross Perot mercenaries that made it possible.

   I think what I like most about the repeat of this scenario that a weaselly but slightly strong Ron Paul candidacy could create, is the thought of you self righteous sonuvabitches sittin there with your head in your hands, your lite beer lying between your fat feet having your first real thought in 2 years , WHAT HAPPENED?

     Lemme hook you up with some reality.  You happened you ignorant walking piles of mucous.  You happened.  You and your 1 million strong ilk of blog writing,  teeth gnashing, mildly retarded Ron Paul fanatics.  do the math….1 million don’t win…never has you annally retented hillbillies wishing for some good old days that never existed.  You mush mouffed scumsucking, tail wagging maladjusted purveyors of hopeful insanity.

Now for some more sanity for you refugees from the idiot bin.  who do you think is funding this awesome putsch on the internet?  Ron Paul is like “whatta fug is happening?  Its the lefties you wienie spanking troglodytes.  They love ron paul.  They love him because they remember Ross Perot.  

   I don’t mind.  I’m not for or against anyone right now.  what I do know is most my Ron Paul hits come from gun-toting conservatives to dumb to realize all ron does is splits the party.