another Ron Paul post

   Well, its kind of hard not to like this guy.  Its unfortunate that his presidential hopes are delusional.  He’s tried before, and maybe he thinks the country is ready for his brand of democracy, but I got 10 bucks that says it isn’t.  The more I read about him the more I respect him though, and even if a lot of the things he does look more like gimmick than lawmaking, I can’t help feeling in his own little misguided way the man is genuine. 

   I still won’t waste my vote on him, but its kind of cool that he’s there forcing the conversation as it were.  If you are curious, a fan, an enemy, or merely a cynical naysayer like myself, here’s a website that will tell you pretty much all you ever wanted to know about the man.

    Read it, and tell me you don’t wish your guy was half as genuine.  I still say he isn’t a libertarian, but then niether am I if you get right down to it.


2 Responses to another Ron Paul post

  1. tsoldrin says:

    Half the reason we always end up with the same old stale leadership just rebranded is that they’ve convinced the public that anyone new, fresh or interesting ‘doesn’t have a chance’.

  2. if convinced were the only problem. They shaped election law to make a third party candidacy almost a waste of time. remember…ross perot got 17% of the popular vote, and zero electoral votes

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