Ron Paul is not a god

   and all you heathens are not prophets.  You are however likely as not the same quack- pots that raised The Ross Perot banners lo those many years ago, ushering in the decade of the over serviced gland.  We the people thank you.  Ol Bill did ok by todays standards, and it was the Ross Perot mercenaries that made it possible.

   I think what I like most about the repeat of this scenario that a weaselly but slightly strong Ron Paul candidacy could create, is the thought of you self righteous sonuvabitches sittin there with your head in your hands, your lite beer lying between your fat feet having your first real thought in 2 years , WHAT HAPPENED?

     Lemme hook you up with some reality.  You happened you ignorant walking piles of mucous.  You happened.  You and your 1 million strong ilk of blog writing,  teeth gnashing, mildly retarded Ron Paul fanatics.  do the math….1 million don’t win…never has you annally retented hillbillies wishing for some good old days that never existed.  You mush mouffed scumsucking, tail wagging maladjusted purveyors of hopeful insanity.

Now for some more sanity for you refugees from the idiot bin.  who do you think is funding this awesome putsch on the internet?  Ron Paul is like “whatta fug is happening?  Its the lefties you wienie spanking troglodytes.  They love ron paul.  They love him because they remember Ross Perot.  

   I don’t mind.  I’m not for or against anyone right now.  what I do know is most my Ron Paul hits come from gun-toting conservatives to dumb to realize all ron does is splits the party.


5 Responses to Ron Paul is not a god

  1. jb says:

    You should learn how to speak english and use correct grammar. I don’t trust your blog because of your ignorance.

    Thank you for trying to voice your opinion, but it more than anything else just shows how ignorant you truly are.

  2. JB…a very good author once said content is more important than grammar.

    That wasn’t you, was it?

  3. jb says:

    No, probably would be E. E. Cummings. The trouble is always going to be good communication on all levels of intelligence which apparently you do not embrace.

  4. I’m sorry you feel that way. You took a post that you didn’t agree with, that was written sort of tongue in cheek, and made it more than it was.
    I happen to think you are probably correct. If I wish to be unanimously loved I should do it the way the books say. That’s not what I’m after. I make some people laugh, some people think, and some people mad. One thing is certain. I have an affect.

    Thats ok by me.

    thanks for coming by. All opinions welcomed and posted

  5. JVS says:

    Your assertion that Ross Perot elected Bill Clinton is yet another inexactitude put forth by the two parties. How do you explain the following in light of your opinion?:
    Mississippi was Ross Perot’s worst state.
    Mississippi was the largest margin of victory for the Republicans.
    If Ross pulled votes from the Republicans, why did he do so poorly in Mississippi?

    Do I know what I am talking about? I think so since:
    I ran the Ross Perot campaign in Mississippi.
    I led the volunteers to the Secretary of State’s office and turned in the petitions to place Ross Perot on our ballot. It was not about Mr. Perot. It was about his ideas. HE WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING! NAFTA, Immigration, wages, the US dollar, …. the list goes on and on.

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