alli: The new wonder diet drug

    In almost 44 years of life I have never found a safe effective diet scam.   Did I say scam?  sure I did…from the water diet fad of the 70’s to the atkins diet craze of the late 90’s and every hoodwinking rainmaking diet scheme in between, they’ve all been either directly harmful to your health, or just failed miserably to work.

   This one though is gonna be a hoot.  Alli is basically a fat blocker.  Your body doesn’t absorb fat so you get less calories.   Should work right.  Darn tootin it should.  All you fatties should rush right out and buy it.  Buy a lot of it.

   Oh, it makes you shit your pants.  Ir makes you fart oil.   Don’t let those minor little irritants stand in your way though.  Its a lot easier than say….eating a balanced diet, or going for a walk.

    I might have a pound or two I could lose.  I might not too.  I’ve never had to diet so it isn’t really fair of me to pick on those that do.  Fortunately I’m not a big believer in fair as a policy so get your fat asses out there and buy this drug.  I always find humans amusing, so humans that shit their pants while wandering the mall should be to die for.

incidentally.  Buy stock in Kimberley Clark.  There is gonna be one huge run on the depends line of products


6 Responses to alli: The new wonder diet drug

  1. Miche says:

    Gotta look at Kimberly Clark. Gotta make some cash!!!

  2. hey, if you can’t make a buck off folks crapping their britches, what sort of capitalistic society are we living in

    thanks for stopping by

  3. Lady Rose says:

    Some how I find dieting hard enough – why do I want to add “anal leakage” to the package? No thanks – I’ll just eat healthy and move my butt more and loose the pounds the old fashion way.

    (I have great respect for folks who have weight issues – I myself am on the journey to get healthy and lose over 150 lbs [80ish lost so far]. IF a doctor recommends taking some kind of pill — by all means do so — but having something like Alli available over the counter leads to the potential of abusing it and taking it when it is NOT really needed!)

    Lady Rose (A health warrior, not a health nut, not that there is anything wrong with that!)

    **dashes off to buy stock in the adult diaper companies**

  4. especially a drug that purports to work only with a balanced healthy diet, and exercise. If you have those two you probably don’t need the third
    good lukc on accomplishing your goal and thanks for stopping by

  5. Miche says:

    My husband is a doc and I worked in the medical industry until last June. OTC/prescription is not the right way to look at this. People abuse many drugs that are prescribed and there are many drugs that are prescribed and not abused that are dangerous. If a person abuses water, he can OD. Should we regulate water and make it available by prescription?

    This should be looked at with common sense and I think that criminyj is doing just that. The only sure way to a healthy weight is sensible eating and activity.

    In fact, the libertarian in me thinks that if we get our collective weight problem under control, we can fix a great number of other problems. (fuel and environmental)

    Lady Rose, Good luck on the weight loss and congrats on the success you’ve realized so far. Being fit is a challenge to all of us. I’m 5’8″ and 127lbs, but I run 5 miles 3-4 days a week, weight train 3-4, and try to eat food that is as pure as I can imagine it growing. I have to MAKE myself do it because I never quite got that exercise high that everybody else seems to be bragging about.

    /right behind you on the adult diaper stock purchase
    //so glad that you are doing your weight loss routine without the drugs that make you soil yourself- it’d be a bitch stepping in the mess. ;o)

  6. to say nothing of the affect it would have on healthcare. Wellness benefits are proving to be a useful tool in preventing a host of medical situations. Obesity and its roll in illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular issues are a money making machine for the heathcare industry, and are overtaxing the infrastructure as well.

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