Its discriminatory I tell yuh

   I wanna know why the Iowans think its ok to exclude a rich elderly white guy from texas?  If he was a po black sharecroppers son from alabammy I bet they’d let him speak

chuckle…you see the problem?  Blogville does not a president make.  there are to many forces at work for Ron Paul to be elected.  They don’t want him.  The fatcats with the deep pockets and sinister intentions have no desire to let a man of common sense and unreasonableness sit in the oval office.  Bush has the unreasonableness.   That they’ll allow.  You can scream and rant and throw your toyota, but he still will be silenced every chance they get.

   So here is what you do.  Start raging against the machine and for Mayor Bloomberg.  Pray that he picks ron paul for a runnning mate.  Pray Hillary gets the democratic nomination. Pray McCain gets the Republican.  In that horse race, a three legged….er…third party candidate has a chance.  McCain and Hillary alienate power so well, and face it, Bloomberg is power. 

    Half a loaf is better than sleeping with the fishes.  Wait…thats not it.  Half a loaf is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick?  nope…not it either.  Ah who cares, wake up bloggers….find a new tack.  Or you’ll be hungry come election day.

couple of thoughts…whats all the crap about the sopranos clip and the celine dion song?  Aren’t their bigger moose to fry?

Instead of being pissy bout the plight of refugees lucy liu and angelina should do the hollywod thing and kick some butt.  I think they can take a couple of third world countries by themselves.

How many of you antiwar types got a twinge of joy at the sight of the f-16 dropping bombs?  Made for TV war we can handle.

If you saw the clip about the mockup Iraqi town in 29 palms california, add it to your vacation schedule.  Just outside the base is the Joshua Tree monument, and its eerie beauty is worth the trip.


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