Ralph Nader and Ron paul: On True Believers

    Someone once said I can’t define porn, but I know it when I see it.  Thats a paraphrase, but its the kind of thing people say when they know something is wrong.  They aren’t sure exactly where the demarcation line is, and yet they know something should be done about it.

    I’m a little ambivalent about the idea of even trying to define the title of this post.  What I know is yet another one is prepping himself for an ersatz run at the presidency.  Ralph Nader all but flipped his fedora into the mix on CNN today talking to that paragon of journalistic integrity Wolf Blitzer. I must say at this juncture that while I am not a “spare the rod and spoil the child” type; Wolf should’ve been beaten as routinely as he was fed as a child.

     I like Ralph Nader.  He believes what he believes, and damned if any evidence to the contrary will change his views.  He has been a vocal activist, and has played a role in the creation of a host of agencies and activist groups.  He has championed the causes of human rights, consumer protection, the environment, and many others in his illustrious career.

   He has had an inauspicious political career as a candidate though.  He’s a little to high strung.  A little to in your face.  Way to I’m right your wrong.  As candidates go he’s the equivalent of the monster under the bed.  He never has a real chance to win, but he scares all hell out of the democrats.  Mention Ralph Nader and liberals from Poughkeepsie to Walla Walla start rending the flesh from their bones, and start lamenting Al Gores loss in the 2000 election.  They blame Ralph.

   Which is unfair.  Ralph moved Al Gore to the left.  Had that not happened Al’s automaton demeanor would have never let himself get close to the presidency.  Ralph is responsible quite possibly for the debacle down south.  He is probably the instigator of the election being determined as much by the supreme court as by the voters.  He pushed Al hard enough to keep it close.

   Now the Democratic candidates are cowering behind closed doors cursing the Nader name.  I have good news for them.  If he enters the election he will do what that other true believer has done for the conservatives.  Ron Paul has helped shape the conversation, and whether you like it or not thats a good thing.  Both candidates will force the nominees to preach to the choir.  They don’t want to do that.  they hate the very thought of it.  They want to have an epic clash over the middle, though virtually none of them represent that august body of voters.

   Ralph is a lefty, and Ron is pretty far right.  Which makes you kind of scratch your head when you check out what they want to do as leader of this great nation, and you realize that they both solidly represent the middle.

   Oops…forgot to explain why true believers make me nervous.  Why its history dear readers.  Adolf Hitler was a true believer.  So is George Bush.

  Authors note:  this is my opinion.  I am at least as full of crap as the next guy so it has little merit.  If I managed to keep you riveted to your screen for the past two minutes, then I at least saved you reading some of the other drivel available to you on line.  If you are bored, go surf porn.  Come back and define it for me.


One Response to Ralph Nader and Ron paul: On True Believers

  1. Mary finneran says:

    Why leave Kucinich out of this conversation? He has forced all the democrats to the left (maybe with Gravel), and at least, unlike Nader, he has served his time in actual legislative positions, and executive actually. Nader should have run for congress over 20 years ago, then he’d have more clout and perhaps a little more humility; I wish he had.

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