alli, alli, alli

just had to post one more time.  Sorry for the title muhammad A.

I do not dislike fat people.  I know several of them and if we are ever invaded by cannibals I am going to be tickled to have them around.

I do dislike stupid people.  I don’t put their comments up on my blog unless they are at least entertaining. Ok, if you can cuss me out with style you also get put up.

That being said, say whatever you wish.  If you’d eat a carrot instead of a twinkie, and take a walk instead of lodge yourself on that overworked couch you would lose weight.  I’m sorry if you think its in poor taste that I’m recommending people buy shares in kimberleyclark, and I’m sorry if you think its in poor taste to talk about laughing at chubola’s that crap their pants at the mall because they took the lazy way out

Just kidding…I’m not sorry at all.

Authors note:  Alli may very well be a great drug.  I have already mentioned that if your obesity is a medical condition, or the result of a medical condition go speak to your doctor.  My complaint is along the lines that some teenage girl weighing 92 pounds that is convinced she’s fat will be mainlining this crap, and our pharmaceutical companies don’t give a damn.


One Response to alli, alli, alli

  1. Lady Rose says:

    I figure I’ll have plenty of time to wear adult diapers when I’m senile – why take a pill now just so I can them a test drive.

    Lady Rose (losing weight the old fashion way – 1 lb at a time — so far 80 lbs gone, only 60ish to go!)

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