alli: Whats all the hoopla?

 The only thing different in the world of dietting today is that we have taken the physician out of the equation.  We’ve removed the safety net.  GlaxoSmithKline has effectively placed a drug on the market that is weaker than the same drug requiring a prescription from your doctor.  orlistat, a product of Roche is the stronger version.

   This is an antiobesity drug, or rather they both are.  this isn’t for the person needing to lose 5 pounds, and selling it over the counter all but gaurantees wide spread abuse of the product.

Here is a website:

I’m not saying its unsafe, but it likely is.  consult your physician prior to taking any drug likely to make you crap your britches is a philosophy to live by that I think is sound.  This is my last word on the subject…if you fatties wanna crap yourself to death be my guest.


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