Alli’s revenge….what a friday

   Wow, nice mouths.  I thought the Ron Paul fans were bad, but you people take the golden gnu’s ass when it comes to attack profanity.  A bit more creativity is in order, and I really was only trying to voice a warning to all the idiot – grab – the – first – box of any new diet drug types.  I posted the comments from those of you who could maintain some level of maturity, and for the rest of you may you crap like a christmas goose at church this sunday.

     To clarify for the Ron Paul heathens.  I’m not anti- Ron.  I’m stand up and be accountable for your votes Ron.  I’m quit claiming to be a libertarian when your record says otherwise Ron.  I’m piss off the Ron Paul followers Will.  you just have to hope the little guy can hang around long enough to keep shaping the conversation.

   Did anyone notice that China has passed the U.S in carbon dioxide emissions?  Supposedly it has to do with them making more concrete.  I think it has to do with their economy is on full overload, and nobody on the planet seems to give a damn if they abide by the same rules as the rest of us.  Let me hear a long loud rousing rant against China from anyone.  Not gonna happen.  Why?  Because it is politically incorrect to say something bad against the worst violator of every international agreement on anything from the environment to trade.  C’mon Al Gore.  Pay your 20k electric bill, hop a private plain, and go chew some chinese ass.  It sucks when someone screws up and you can’t blame it on George Bush doesn’t it?

stay tuned.  We’ll cover union business in a little bit.

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