Not mean enough

   We had a conversation in the break room today that didn’t involve whoevers casual sexual tryst last night, or whatever sporting event that’s not worth talking about.  Somehow we got on the subject of how mean society is getting.  How undeniably, horrificly, and yes, casually violent our world has become.  From violent lesbian gangs, to celebrants beating to death the passenger in a car that ran down a child, it does seem meaner out there.  In Chicago, kids are killing each other at a record clip,  and all over the world violence has become choice one.

    Not long ago it was all over the news how rude society had become, and they tried blaming text messaging.  I’ve been on the receiving end of some vitriolic text messages, and to be frank they make me laugh.  I picture the sender violently pushing those teeny tiny buttons, and saying “take that you rabid bastard” as they trounce the send key with their spastically quivering pinkie.

    I don’t think we are any more rude, and I think the mean thing is a little overdone.  I believe the problem is more likely that we’ve grown over sensitive.  Every comment is taken as a personal slight.  The motive for each action is parsed down to its minutest detail.  whether for good or for bad society has become all about “me”, and what affect the rest of the world has on my little corner of the globe.

    Personally, nobody seems any meaner to me.  A little more disingenuous maybe.  A scad more shrill.  Way to damn defensive.  Thats part and parcel of the “It’s mine” and “I want it now” society.  Pardon me while I run myself into debt, and then complain about my credit rating. Excuse me while I park my big enough for a moose SUV at this gas pump, and then go scream at the cashier about gas prices.

   If we’re meaner its because we’re more self centered.  We somehow became more educated and grew dumber at the same time.  Our reading comprehension has gone the way of the dinosaur, and now candor means nasty, and honesty means prick.

    I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, but from personal experience I recommend a long look in the mirror.  If your problem isn’t standing right in front of you then I’m not descended from monkeys.  OH, and keep your mean to yourself.  All of life’s little problems will not be rectified by spewing your issues at the world. 

 I’ll fix ’em for 32.50 an hour plus expenses though.


4 Responses to Not mean enough

  1. Miche says:

    Bloggers can’t usually offer more than personal experience otherwise we’d be “experts” and sought after by real journalists for interviews that would “teach” the masses. ;o)

    I always thought candor described sharing an idea in a frank, unbiased manner. The operative words being “sharing an idea.” That is not what I see lately. Are people too sensitive? Probably, but it’s hard not to be sensitive to somebody responding to your idea by ignoring the point while calling you a cunt. (I don’t mean that sensitive in the hurt feelings way, I mean sensitive enough to say that there is an issue with discourse.)

    You and I talked a little about personal responsibility last night so you know sort of where I stand on that issue. That said, I think your “look in the mirror” recommendation is spot on. I sometimes have a fiery temper (my husband will attest to the fact) but know that when I really want to convey an idea, I need to be calm.

    Maybe some people seem meaner because they’ve unlearned how to communicate. Think crying baby who desires to be fed, but can’t articulate whether he is hungry or wet.

  2. I concur. Where my problem usually comes in is that everything is taken literally. Sometimes what I write or say is just fiction, blather, whatever. I seldom get real close to the bone when I write. I tend to pick something irksome and torment it till someone screams nuff.

  3. uberfrau says:

    I’ve noticed that people have started believing that they are entitled to respect 24/7. Which just means that they personalize everything, think other people think about them and how they feel all the time, and get all pissy when someone looks at them funny because they are “disrespecting” them(whatever that means). I tolerate people, and frankly, unless you are some sort war hero/genius that solves world hunger/ a friend/ family/or my boyfriend-I don’t think anyone deserves more consideration than that.
    the sort of respect that, say my coworkers/middleschoolers were talking about-simply means that they want someone to never hurt their feelings and never ask them for anything, and sort of humour them haivng their heads up their asses.

  4. respect is definitily earned, but so is toleration in my book. I believe I posted that while being harangued by an ex about what she deserved.

    What she deserved is covered by statute, and I therefore am not inclined to give it to her. *s*

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