Did Osama charter flight after 9/11?

   Well you loveable little lefties, other than a gazillion left wing bloggers suffering from what appears to be extreme psychotic episodes brought on by over self flagellation, that answer would be no.

In fact, based on what the FBI spokesman says their is nothing in the judicial watch paperwork that hasn’t already been seen by the 9/11 commission.

I know how this hurts y’all, but you’ll get through it.  Have a group hug, snivel a little, and come up with a new conspiracy theory.  Or better yet, threaten the democratic candidates.  Its fun to watch the dogs ass wag the dog  Hell, this is even funner than reading the whining about the conspiracy to silence Ron Paul..


now I’m going to play poker.  Try not to hurt yourselves while I’m gone.


3 Responses to Did Osama charter flight after 9/11?

  1. kayinmaine says:

    WorldNetDaily? Right wing WorldNetDaily?

    How come the FBI does not include 9/11 as one of the acts of terrorism under Osama’s name at their site?

  2. I’ve no idea kay, but I’ll see what I can find out.

    its all an exercise in education for me. I don’t really get worked up over it. one lousy president is the same as another to me.

  3. kayinmaine says:

    LOL Good point, Criminy.

    I love the looks of your blog. Nice layout, header, and colors. Very nice.

    By the way, my blog’s name is White Noise Insanity. 🙂

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