how about a little beach erosion money for West Virginia?

    Ok, that takes care of the Ron Paul folks.  Lets do the liberals.  While watching the elections I saw a lot of discourse about Earmarks.   No you little spank monkeys…thats not what you get when your lover chews on your lobe.  Its something our elected representatives do when they wish to pull a little pirate action on the public coffers.  They specify the funds for a specific project, and without saying who is requesting the funds publically;  insert it into an appropriations bill.  The bill is voted on, and a list of special projects longer than your mother-in-laws list of complaints about you is passed or rejected.  No vote on the specific project, just a vote on the overall package.

    Now here’s the fun part.  The democrats were gonna clean up congress.  So , just as a guess….who do you think is the shining beacon of hope for ending earmarks.  Why Robert Byrd of course.  You know, the 264 year old senator from West Virginia who during the ocurse of his illustrious career has brought home more pork than the big bad wolf.  Putting this guy in charge of appropriations is like putting Captain Jack Sparrow in charge of the rum cabinet.

     So to my lovable, if a bit profane leftie friends, a question….What exactly does the left have against ending earmarks?


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