I just can’t see it

    I mean, even if I cover one eye like you do when your drunk to make stuff stop swaying, I can’t see what it is about Ron Paul that makes everyone on the net so ….damn….every word I come up with sounds bad.   exuberantly whacko, maybe?  I just see this guy who I know is worshipped by every militia and ku kluck klansman in the country.  He really doesn’t bring rational ideas to the table.  I like that about him, but I’m more twisted than most, and I kind of always hoped that my felllow Americans were a tad more stable than I.  Having treaded water in the shallow end of the gene pool for as long as I have, you can’t help but feel things are a little saner over in the deep end.

    I guess I’m wrong.  Take the war in Iraq.  Are you really mad that we fought a war in Iraq?  You weren’t up blowing your kazoo during the not ready for prime time “shock and awe” exhibition? Oh, c’mon, you can tell me.  i watched it.  morbid fascination is a hallmark of mine.  Isn’t whats really stuck in your craw the fact that after your little foray into imperialism, and preventive destruction, George Bush and his cronies have made such a hash of the job?  Mission Accomplished, if it had been accomplished then would have been received all over the country with ticker tape parades and 76 trombones, and even the little peace and love liberals would’ve flown the flag.  They’d of hated George again a week later, but they would’ve loved one in the win column just like everyone else.

    Got a little off track there, but my point is the folks that are all for Ron all the time really don’t seem to be in it for the isolationism stance.  They seem to like the same things david koresh liked, and the folks at Ruby ridge liked.  I’m not against anti-government nuts except when they couch it as a normal and proper way of thinking.  I’ll grant that a lot of the folks that have posted me are looking at Ron Paul from a utopian perspective.  If everything in the world were right and 1 + 2 = 3 all the time then Ron would be the man.  We live in a very dysfunctional world though, and there are plenty of people that can make 1 + 1 =any damn thing they please.  Ron Paul is not suitable for a roll as a leader in a nation facing as many dramatically dangerous issues as ours.

    How do you suppose he would deal with China?  That is the single most important issue facing America today, and I don’t care how many terrorists you whip out.  Do you really think his idea of foreign policy is suitable to deal with the inscrutable?  I don’t think so.

     You can usually judge a book by its cover, and you can tell a lot about a person by the people that they associate with.  You may not be a mobster, but if you hang around with the mafia boys you probably eat a lot of cannoli’s on the cheap.  If every rightwing nutjob organization in America is endorsing you then you may just be a …dare I say it….naw….I won’t but you know what I mean.

   I still think most of his supporters are decent people, and several I’ve spoken to seem like fine people.  i happen to think they may be misguided.


13 Responses to I just can’t see it

  1. rich says:

    when you’ve lost the last of your freedom
    and some sick cop is beating your head into the ground remember this: You’ve traded your liberty for security and now you have neither.
    I have more of a chance of being struck by lightning
    THREE TIMES, than being hit by one of your terrorists
    why don’t you take along the bush cool aid you have been drinking, and follow john mccain after bin laden,
    And when you get to the gates of hell, say hi to rudy for me….

  2. thats what I’m talking about. right there. I wasn’t talking about terrorists. I was talking about china. the only terrorists I worry about are you and your militia friends.

  3. rich says:

    due to our failed monetary policy and bloated government spending china owns us
    bush’s war mongering ways dictate we go to war there==c’mon get real.
    our interventions have caused many of the problems we face today. can the answer to a long
    string of failed interventions be more intervention?

    Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Think about this quote for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to the way they have been running our country?

  4. i posted that quote myself a week or so ago.

    I don’t disagree with you. I disagree with what you think the answer to the problem is

    horse is out of the barn on “attack china” that one can’t happen shy of nuclear holocaust

    that was a better more reasoned comment. i apologize ffor my response to the first

  5. rich says:

    I’m not exactly a “militia type”
    I’m just a bit concerned for the preservation of our liberty here at home. also, I do not believe anything the “top tier” candidates, dem or rep, say about their
    I see everytime we declare (not constitutionally)
    war on someting, it gets worse.

  6. i concur with the first part…the second part isn’t that we declare war, its that we screw it up once we do…go in…do what you intended….get out….shouldn’t be hard for the alleged most powerful nation on earth

  7. rich says:

    I’m referring to wars on drugs, poverty and such,
    not necessarily wars on countries, but that is sometimes true for them as well as well

  8. rich says:

    why did i say as well twice?
    i really dont take or condone illegal drug use.
    im just trying to type while on an exercise bike

  9. Bruch says:

    Yeah! Crank the knob on the inflation way up! That will show those Chinese. Where do they get off taking all those T-bills and T-this and T-that from us??!! They will be holding just worthless paper!

    Not all of us have the “war bug” worn off! We have it permanent! We have the chip! Its embedded. We will never be able to say, “I was caught up in war fever, I made a mistake” like the wimps. We have the chip. War looks right fine from here.

    War can be come a process. We don’t have to worry about winning that way. Once you do that, it becomes easier.

    This is how you know every great person is bad. Every great person had all kinds of people likeing them, even kooks. And if a kook likes somebody, you know he’s a kook, too. Take Churchill or Carter or Budda or Billy Graham!

    So right there! Four strikes your out, Paul.

  10. Miche says:

    But we declare unconstitutional wars daily. We have a war on terror, drugs, poverty, and illiteracy going on right now. Everyone of them misappropriates OUR labor and none are truly winnable. To top it off, while I was sweating my ass off on the stairclimber at the gym, I saw a news piece that said there was a new war on wealth. (To be fair, I couldn’t hear the commentary.)

    I support Ron Paul (through blog posts) for the R nom, but will most likely be voting L in the election.

  11. aren’t those incredibly expensive rhetorical wars? I mean, they aren’t real wars, just government funded social reconstruction projects. I’m for nobody currently, and while I like a lot of what Ron Paul claims to believe, I don’t think that what feels right for me is necessarily right for the country. and as for you, bruch, that post made up in enthusiasm what it lacked in comprehensibility

  12. Steve Dasbach says:

    Actually, Ron Paul began publically speaking out against the march to war against Iraq in 1998. He has consistantly voted against the Iraq war, as well as other foreign entanglements.

  13. thanks for the comment steve…maybe i was vague…i was talking about people in general. ron Pauls anti federal government anything is more than obvious.

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