Journey To Excellence (cont.)

   Ok, so maybe I won’t buy a camry.  96% of the employees at the Georgetown, KY Toyota plant are natives of Kentucky.  It’s not reasonable to me to hire people that don’t know what a shoe is to make an automobile.

  other interesting (to me) factoids:

the plant is 7.5 million sq ft.  For you sports fans thats 156 football fields.  You a shopper? 10+ shopping malls.  Its big

they make approx. 2000 toyota’s a day.

they can install the engine (just install…not hook up the wiring harnesses) in 26 seconds.

80% of the parts on the car are made in the USA.  Making the Camry the most American made car on the market.

The production model used at the plant was developed by an American.  It was offered to American manufacturers, and was refused.

each car takes approximately 20 hours to build.  10+ of that is spent painting the vehicle.

the average production employee’s base salary is $25.00 an hour.  The benefits package is unreasonably good.  Free college (4 universities teach at the plant).  They have on site daycare, on site medical personnel (doctors and nurses, not EMT”S).  Your standard vacation pay. 10 days of paid vacation during your first year.

anybody jealous yet?

60% of the employees do not miss a single day of work in a  calendar year.

    In essence, its a completely different method of doing business.  I was totally Impressed.  If you’re ever in the Georgetown, Kentucky area call ahead and take the tour.  Takes about an hour and a half.  If you’ve never worked production you’ll be shocked.  If you have, you’ll be amazed.  Well worth the time.

    In truth, my next car probably will be made there.  I came away with an exceptional opinion of the plant, the people, and the methodology.  They also make a hybrid there that is the coolest ride I’ve ever seen.  192 horsepower…that one can be found on the web to.


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