Eight Freaking Things…the revenge

 I think I got the title right.  I don’t know how to do all that link nonsense so the buck stops here so to speak…do I die the death of a thousand rhino stomps for that?

1.  Rob Christian Bookstores.  You might still get shot, but your victims will forgive you.

2.  Everything in life is black and white…gray is for wimps.

3. though you can’t fit your finger down the barrel of a .357, when its aimed at your head you’d swear you could walk down the barrel.

4.  I’ have a 33 inch waist, am 44,  and would happily switch the two numbers.

5.    when you’re young foreplay takes hours, and sex takes minutes.  when you’re old sex takes minutes and foreplay is thought to be a golf term

6.   I would rather crawl naked across razor blades covered in turpentine than eat tofu

7.   each of my exes is a little better than the last.  At current rate of progression I shall meet my perfect mate when I am 6,347 years old.

8.   I’m hopeful that my fourth lobotomy will work out better than the first three.


18 Responses to Eight Freaking Things…the revenge

  1. Stranger says:

    Golf is funny and filled with all kinds sexual connotations. So much so that it makes me think whoever invented it was a horny bastard. You got your balls, the ball washers, the hole, and then the different clubs (irons, drivers, woods) with shafts of all kinds of degrees (regular, stiff, x-stiff) that are catered to right/left hands. So weird.

  2. lol..i strongly recommend you flesh that out…it could be a book.

  3. Stranger says:

    You golfers aren’t fooling us any, that’s all I’m saying.

  4. golf was a game of aggression for me. A way to ventfrustrations. When I got rid of the wife I got rid of the clubs.

    got rid of sounds bad, hunh? Not hid the body got rid of…parted…got rid of…there

  5. Stranger says:

    It always seemed like a game for the sexually frustrated to me. I could be wrong – it’s happened before.

  6. thats it…poke the bear

  7. Stranger says:

    Heh. Don’t tempt me.

  8. Anita Marie says:

    Guns, sex relationships and Death.
    SOMEONE has been listening to a lot of Johnny Cash- haven’t they?

  9. you are so lucky I’m pure of heart

  10. anita: sure..who doesn’t?

    walk the line was a pretty good flick..i grew up on johnny cash..well…you know what I mean

  11. Stranger says:

    I’ll pretend to fall for the pure comment, because I’m nice like that.

  12. yeah, that and mysterious is how you roll…what a gal

  13. Stranger says:

    See? You already know too much.

  14. she said threateningly

    i chuckled

    not scared

    being pure of heart I have the strength of ten…plus I’m quick

  15. Stranger says:

    You underestimate me, Sir. 🙂

  16. max says:

    That is lovely. You did good.

  17. my dear mother taught me to never underestimate a woman. So now I just stand back and shake my head.

  18. thank you max. i aim to please. Well, not really. i don’t aim. don’t usually please either. glad it wasn’t atrocious.

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