saturday morning

   I’m not sure why this is happening, but my sidebar is down at the bottom of my blog.  I’ve practiced insanity (doing the same thing and expecting a different result) for 20 minutes.  I can’t seem to fix it so if you wish to peruse the scatalogical drivel normally maintained to the right you shall have to scroll baby scroll.

    I was watching a thing about fireworks on the news.  They cover several important things, but a few dangerous ones they left out I think deserve comment.:

1.  Do not have roman candle fights with people wearing polyester.  Incredibly enough, those little balls of flame are hot enough to cause a polyester shirt to burst….i mean burst…into flame.

2.  Vehiclular bottle rocket jousting is also a no-no.  This is where you drive cars at each other and shoot bottle rockets at each other.  pretty easy to see the possible ramifications of this sort of venture.

3.   Even if you do have the patience of Job, I strongly recommend against cutting firecrackers open and making one huge bomb out of them.  Besides, the innards of a shotgun shell work just as well in this endeavor, and is a lot quicker.

note:  to the gnome that just catalogued this post because of the word bomb…I’m not a terrorist.  I did that when I was 9.  I’ll gladly pay for the tree, but the neighbors broken windows are their problem.  Shouldn’t buy cheap glass.

4. fireworks and alcohol may not mix, but if you mix alxohol INTO your fireworks…

   happy fourth.

  so the brits are having some issues with automobiles.  Today a burning car was driven into the terminal at glasgow airport.  I’ve been telling people for years that cars are the great satan.  How much easier would life be if the fuckers had to attack us with camel bombs?

Ok, I’m now going to the grocery store, where I will pinch, prod, poke, nudge, bump, fondle, and grope my way through the produce section.  After that I may check some fruit.


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