Moving…out, up, and undecided

      Of all the nerve.  Several years ago a friend of mine, almost certainly in jest, called me misogynistic.  One of the few times in my life that I didn’t bother to look it up.  I should have.  I just did, and almost pissed my pants.   The reason I didn’t was because it was an online friend, and she had issues to numerous to count in the men department.  To be honest, I figured it was probably a synonym for narcississtic which I’m not either so I let it roll on by.  We continued to have many humerous conversations, and until I withdrew from the online world we remained moderately good friends.

    I’m not sure why I confessed to ignorance and apathy there, but maybe just to make the point that I’m niether.  Although misogyny would be a good one to be if you had the time to be hostile and hateful a lot.  Narcissism on the other hand would be boring from hell.  Maybe not for you, but I generally treat me like I treat everyone else that I’m not openly disdainful of…with barely concealed tolerance.

   The really funny thing is that I tend to like almost everyone I meet.  as long as they have no affect on my existence, why not?   It’s when it gets deeper than that my issues tend to spring forth like a late blooming flower, all colorful rhetoric, with maladroit social graces as garnishment. 

    I guess what brought this on is I’m about to make a move.  Homewise this time.  One of many moves made this year.  For better or worse, my sedentary approach to my existence is in the middle of cataclysmic upheaval.  Faced with this, and being a firm believer in the old saw “in for a penny…in for a pound.” I’ve decided a change of scenery of the domicile variety is in order.  The kids are all for it as this place is cramped from hell, and with the ongoing alcoholism issues the other parental unit is currently experiencing they spend most of their time here.  I fear if more space is not forthcoming fratricide will be.

     I made this decision like I make most.  I saw it, I did it, nobody to consult.  I like that.  It makes things simple.  I am in one of my nearly perpetual sabbaticals from decent relationship living, and it removes all the comprehensive consultation and compromise that is required.   The last one ended like all of them.  It was wonderful, it was horrible, and it became intolerable.  Funny how love or the belief of love can do that.  After oodles of soul searching, I chalked it up as all my fault and went to breakfast.  That sounds a little snide, but it’s quite possibly as close to the truth as I’ll ever get on the matter, so its a good place to bury the body.  I could dig deeper and try to decipher the myriad of mistakes that created the death of it, but why put myself through that?  When it’s time to move you pack your shit and you move.  When its time to get over it you pack your emotional garbage, take a couple years off and deal with the abject misery of making all of your own decisions for awhile.  Darn, sounds horrid doesn’t it?

    I’m not sure how I got from misogyny to here, but I’d probably characterize myself as stubborn, selfish, and independent.  If that be misogyny then the dictionary has it all wrong.   For those of you not wishing to scamper to a dictionary, and being as dense as I am…it means being hostile or hateful toward women.  I’m hateful and hostile towward the bulk of society, and am disqualified as a result from taking part.  Damn the luck.


29 Responses to Moving…out, up, and undecided

  1. max says:

    This means the little girl is getting her own bathroom right?


    She will so need that for prom.

  2. nope. She’ll have to share with me. I’m fossilized so I only need it once a month. *L*

    yes, she gets her own bathroom…she has already spoken

  3. max says:

    That is excellent. Girls need that as much as they need pretty clothes and shoes. Which is lots.

  4. i took her for clothes last week, the little semi-goth monster. *L*

  5. it’s really not goth…its that young canadian female singers look…i forget her name

  6. max says:

    You are a good dad.

  7. as always, to them that depends on if i said yes or no. *s* It’s one of those things you just do and hope for the best. Dr. joyce Brothers would call me a rousing failure I am damn near certain. Quack. !!!!

  8. max says:

    Take the compliment, Goof.

  9. thank you. i appreciate all forms of support when it comes to parenting. *s*

  10. mdvp says:

    You don’t strike me as misogynic (I had to look it up as well, don’t feel stupid, not that I expect you to anyway) at all. Well, I can’t say that really, but still, not overly misogynic. Of course, a bit of misogyny (well, not exactly misogyny, I don’t mean hateful) can do you good, if you know what I mean, like a bit of femenism can do a woman good, I suppose. Just not too much.

    It’s okay, i really have no idea what I’m talking about either and I probably just said something incredibly offensive. Sorry to all groups/people for whom an apology is in order.

  11. shhot MD, If i’m not offending someone its because I’ve already offended them and they no longer speak to me…feel free to offend in a gentle manner at your leisure

    misogynic, eh? I feel a little stupid

  12. max says:

    Um, misogyny is a hatred of women.

    Feminism is not a hatred of men.

    They are not polar or balanced opposites.

  13. she got you there MD. the word for hatred of men is misandry

    I don’t think max is a misandrist,

  14. max says:

    Well no. Some men I like, some I do not, and some I love. It is the same with women. Some I like, some I do not, some I love. The one big difference being, um, sex. Which kind of works out better with men for me. Go figure.

  15. Ha…i got one right

  16. mdvp says:

    “Feminism is not a hatred of men.”

    I realized that but I din’t care enough to look up the male equivalent of femenism, hence the words in parentheses which kind of made the whole thing pointless.

    And I do offend people often, it’s really sort of a hobby.

  17. everyone should have a hobby. It’ll keep you out of bars and away from loose women

  18. max says:

    Well if you do not care enough about what you say to bother to know what it is you are saying, I can hardly care enough about what you say to take offense.

  19. wow, the sexual tension can be cut with a knife

  20. mdvp says:

    To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure what you’re saying. I did realize what I was saying and effectively dealt with that so I wasn’t really making a point at all, as far as I can tell. Anyway, I’ve decided not to care what I say here, as I get the impression that the author doesn’t quite seem to sometimes either.

  21. max says:

    The rabbit is on your ankle again right?

  22. the author always cares what he says, big fella, I jsut don’t care what people think of it…i know, its a sparse difference, but its all i have.

    max: you kill me…no, but the little fella has been bumping me all day. Thats the problem with only having sideways vision. He’s like a politician really.

  23. mdvp says:

    What does that have to do with anything. Oh, yeah, I see his comment now. Damn, I should have though of that.

    I suppose I could argue with you on semantics all day and say that was pretty much what I meant anyway, but I’ve taken a liking to this blog and don’t want to be on bad terms with the author, so let’s leave it there. And also, it’s nearly time to get minor injuries from fireworks that aren’t even that impressive for me.

  24. I don’t have a bad side to get on, and consider you both excellent reads. Feel free to continue your discourse in any manner you see fit. I do of course moderate out threats and such.

  25. mdvp says:

    You’ve recieved threats? I wish my blog’s readers were more interesting. Everyone seems to agree with me or at least they’re sane. Kind of.

  26. just online style threats….nothing serious. I advise you to write a scathing post about ron paul or about people who like cats. These tend to cause the nuts to fall out of the tree.

  27. mdvp says:

    Maybe I can dig up some dirt on Ron Paul liking cats then. I did do the thing about Ron Paul, that’s how you found my blog. It got a bunch of hits within five minutes, good enough reason to write some more about him already.

  28. better if by liking you mean “the taste of”

    he’s a slippery one to write about. Not much about him unless you want to accept blog author zealotry as fact. I’m not willing to write it if i can’t source it…except as straight opinion

  29. mdvp says:

    That’s much better, though I’ll have to work on that a lot, people will probably say he just ate at a bad Chinese resturaunt.

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