2.5 months

   One of the contractors at work is a quiet young man.  He’s probably 25 or so, I didn’t ask.  I’ve never seen him speak to anyone.  today I was working across this channel between two of the baghouses, about 70 feet up.  He stopped to let me finish what I was doing, so he could get by.  I finished and stepped off to the side, but he didn’t continue on.  I said howdy, because I’m so nice, and he just started spilling his guts.

    His daughter is 2 and a half months old.  Her eyeballs are bright yellow, she has had an intestinal transplant or removal, i’m not sure which.  It all fell out in a rush.  She’s on  dialysis, and her liver has basically failed.  He’s not a doctor, so the descriptions weren’t real clear.  Then he shook me to my boots.  He asked me to pray for her.

I don’t really do that.

I didn’t tell him that.

Tonight sophie marie shall have another interceder, because even if I don’t do that, she needs it

I know so many people complaining of such minor things.  This guy stoically deals with this incredible trauma.  I can’t imagine why hetalked to me.  i didn’t see him talk to anyone else.  Maybe he did.

I’ve never had faith.  I’ve seen to much shit like this to believe in a god of mercy and love.

can’t hurt to try though  I’ve been wrong before


6 Responses to 2.5 months

  1. krislinatin says:

    Wow, moving story, maybe he knew you needed to be the one to pray for him. maybe he could tell you would care what he had to say.
    God is a God of mercy and love AND wrath and judgment and holiness and goodness.
    People will read your blog and pray for her.

  2. thanks for stopping by…that would be a good result. the mercy thing I doubt, but like i said..

  3. Anita Marie says:

    Hey you were there when he needed someone to talk to…it was only a little moment and it means something.

    A few more extra minutes to you know, pass the word along isn’t much more.

    Plus, you can take the time to tell you know who to work on the Mercy Thing

    I do- haven’t been hit by lightning yet…and most of my prayers start off with ” listen you cold hearted Jerk”. I figure it’s because I’m good for a laugh.


  4. thanks anita…Mine usually start, dammit ted…

  5. mdvp says:

    Well, she’ll certainly get a prayer from someone who means it.

    I would assume that’s what Satan is for, though, not God.

  6. this was a touchie one for me, being a bit of an unbeliever, but its hard to deny a sincere request, so i thought the best i could do is bring it here. Someone may be on better terms with his vaunted insane omnipotentness than i am

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