I don’t do pictures

images.jpgbut what the hell.


16 Responses to I don’t do pictures

  1. mdvp says:

    “but what the hell.”

    Funny, that’s exactly what I’m currently thinking…

  2. i perpetually think “to hell with it” so “what the hell” is a step up for me

  3. mdvp says:

    I meant the fact that you posted a picture of grapes, apparently, for the sake of posting a picture.

  4. hang in there, cowpoke…there is a madness to my method

  5. max says:

    Oh. You posted grapes just for me. That is downright gallant. Smooch!

  6. your welcome..i figured there’d better be grapes or you’d find that hammer *s*

  7. max says:

    Well. You know I do not need a hammer to mortally wound a man right?

  8. i had come to that conclusion, yes.

    have a grape.

  9. max says:

    Thank you funny man.

    Say weren’t you out sipping tequila and rum watching fireworks earlier? Are you all softened up by hard spirits and easy to take advantage of here?

  10. i under imbibed, and am never easy to take advantage of. I had to go easy…work tomorrow, and hangovers and heat don’t mix…i work at a foundry

  11. max says:

    Oh well. I shall have to save my feminine wiles for another night.

  12. never save anything for a rainy day. and you couldn’t hold back your feminine wiles with logging chains and anchors

  13. max says:

    “you couldn’t hold back your feminine wiles with logging chains and anchors”

    I have those. I am using them right now.


  14. they are only sort of capable of handling the strain

  15. max says:

    Oh well I went to high school in a logging town outside of a port city. You develop an immunity to logging chains and anchors in a logging town outside a port city. Also, you can wire a fuel linkage back together with a bobby pin if you grow up next door to boys het up about trucks.

    You are flirting with me right?

    I am not too bright about that stuff but it looks like flirty.

  16. I’m sure thats just the beginning of the list of abilities of max adams

    have a fun day

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