Ron Paul presidential campaign site (and other things you didn’t want to know)

this is not a matter of advocacy.  I would just like to make it easy for the political readers to get to the websites of their favorite candidates. You should really check out the Ron Paul site.  His aw shucksiness is worth a read  libertarian disguised as a republican…well worth a look  this may or may not be her official site.  i think she is so practiced in obfuscating that making anything obvious is beyond her   I have several friends/acquaintences that like this guy.  I’m worried about his experience

Fred thompson:  As he isn’t in yet, he has no site, but I can try to get you a picture of him with his toe in the water   several of these have send me money pages up front…hi, you don’t know me, but give me cash and then come see what I’m about.   Mitt’s site loaded a little slow…i think its the vast anti-mormon conspiracy rearing its ugly head

there you have it.  The candidates.  What? You say there are more?  Don’t kid yourself.  Thats it kids.  If one of them isn’t yourt next president then i’ve never slept with an orangutan.  Also go to  They have a ton of info that your candidate wouldn’t tell you if you were married to his mother


28 Responses to Ron Paul presidential campaign site (and other things you didn’t want to know)

  1. mdvp says: is fred’s official site/blog at the moment.

  2. silly me. I should’ve gone and looked. I assumed because he was not in the presidential campaign he wouldn’t have a campaign site…thanks MD

  3. mdvp says:

    Well, you know, whenever someone says something incorrect about Fred Thompson, I’m the first one there.

  4. he should improve the conversation. Thats a good thinig.

  5. mdvp says:

    Derfinitely, but what’s not good about him? 🙂 Just joking, of course. But don’t expect me to be objective about Fred Thompson. I am a Fredhead of the worst sort right now. I just put up a page supporting him on my blog.

  6. I withhold judgement, but I dug him on Law and order

  7. mdvp says:

    I hear that a lot, often switching “I withhold judgement” for “he would suck” or some variation of that.

  8. i tend to wait until the last minute to decide who i will vote for. i know that i will hate all the choices, but it takes a bit for me to decide who disgusts me the least

  9. mdvp says:

    Anyone seem less disgusting than most at the moment?

  10. I’ll regret this, but…on the left i like barack. If it wasn’t for his lack of experience, and the fact that he is now being obviously handled. Prior to the whole campaign thing he seened the sort of guy that would have integrity if nothing else.

    on the right, and here is the part that will get me hung, Ron Paul.
    in my defense, he disgusts me least. The rest of them disgust me almost completely

  11. addendum: I think Bill Richardson is the most qualified, but people that rescite their resume are always a little more disgusting than everyone else

  12. shrugged0106 says:

    to me, Dr. Paul holds the most allure. Nearly perfect record when it comes to constitutional matters.

    He is the only candidate of any party that can be trusted to do his job, and he does it very well.

  13. thanks for swinging by and commenting. I’m a little ambivalent about a perfect “constitutional” record. I think it would not please people in the long run at all. One of those be careful what you wish for scenario’s

  14. mdvp says:

    “I’ll regret this, but…on the left i like barack.”

    Well, you can’t hate a guy if you don’t really know all that much about him. I wa nearly almost slightly okay with him running until I saw a video of him almost bashing conservative Christians.

    “on the right, and here is the part that will get me hung, Ron Paul.”

    Well said (the first sentence, anyway.) I don’t mind a few of the GOP candidates, especially the ones that will never win (Brownback, Tancredo, Hunter, etc.) and the non candidates who will or might be candidates in the future (Newt, Fred). I don’t really see anything at all in Ron Paul to speak of. He wants to be everything, In my opinion. He’s part neocon (by voting record) part libertarian, part Reagan II, part Goldwater conservative, it’s just confusing.

  15. mdvp says:

    Oh, and hi, Barry (shrugged0106. Inside joke. With me being the one on the inside.)

  16. I think “conservative vhristian” is a rather wide loop the left throws. There are some far right christians that I have a lot of trouble tolerating, and that I have never agreed with.

  17. mdvp says:

    He didn’t say “conservative Christian”, he said “Religious Right” (I think) but the meaning was clear but it was ridiculous:

  18. yeah, this is that “handling” I was talking about.

  19. Anita Marie says:

    As a rule I don’t comment on stuff like this Criminy because I’m involved in Politics in my State-

    but I’d have to agree with you on your observations about who the ‘annointed ones’ are-

    I was at the Convention in Boston and when Obama came out and gave his speech we all sort of ‘got the idea’ that he was the next Rising Star in the Party.

    No one though expected him to run for President so soon.

    Hilary sort of presided over the Convention and that was sort of rattling some nerves because …well, you figure it out.

    Curious on your thoughts there.


  20. When I watched the convention, albeit on TV, I was very impressed with Barack. The more I dug the more I liked him. I’m worried about his experience, but that doesn’t disqualify anyone, does it? I don’t like the “handled” thing, but I suppose all politicians have to listen to the voices in their ear.
    Hillary presided, but I think the faithful Bill fans have never been Hillary fans. I also think the average thinking democrat recognizes the potential for treachery that she brings to the table. They elected bill, the second time massively, and watched as he helped fulfill the conservatives contract with America. I think they are liked a little, respected a little, and feared a lot.

  21. Anita Marie says:

    Nope, if you believe in Obama then support the man, leaders are only as effective as the people who put them into office.

    I mean that if you don’t participate or aren’t willing to take the time to question, to be involved to pay attention they’ll just go off and do what they ‘think’ you want.

    As far as being handled.

    Politicians are handled through their campaigns- no doubt it’s a fact.

    And then they’re handled after they’re elected.

    Those handlers are called ‘staff’.

    If you really want to see what’s up, pay attention to the job the handlers are doing- are they blowing it? Does the candidate seem informed? How do they bounce back after a hit or keep a bounce when the times are good?

    That will show if the candidate can find and recruit talent to work with them.

    That’s handling- it’s not leading. If your candidate is doing good it’s because he or she is being handled right and the PLUS SIDE is that shows they can listen.

    It’s not all bad.


  22. and thats my concern. I think Bush is a reasonably good man that gets advice from some very unethical people. If Barack isn’t running the show it will be obvious in time. It’s way to early for me to support any of them…good points though.

  23. Anita Marie says:

    Take your time Criminy, the elections aren’t on Monday- myself, I’m doing the same thing as you, I don’t want to be rushed and I don’t want to be pushed into a camp.


  24. what a couple of blog oddballs we are

  25. mdvp says:

    Barack seems too much of an opportunist to me. Now, everyone’s an opportunist and I’m not blind enough to deny that Fred Thompson is more of an opportunist than some, but Obama reeks of opportunism.

  26. Anita Marie says:

    We could start our own club…and only the cool kids could join.


  27. MDVP: that’s half of the fun…seeing who will do the worst to get it, and then trying to stop it.

    anita: cool kids won’t hang out with me. I make them cry

  28. Anita Marie says:

    See, you’re a cool kid with street cred-
    way to go

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