Shake the tree

   Since blowing my own horn is never allowed here I won’t say I told you so.  I will however say that David Duke throwing his support behind Ron Paul should make a lot of you question where you stand.  You really can judge people based on the company they keep, and this guy is drawing every radical freakazoid militia racist gonzo whacko to his banner.  Also a lot of bloggers, libertarians, and conservatives I’ll grant, but the scum always rises to the top, and the David Duke report isn’t a good thing.

    in other non-news the Clintons are actually trying to delineate between their behaviour, well Bills, at the end of his presidency, and Bushies commuting of Scooter Libby.  Unfortunately they have a small point.  Libby is involved in the administration, and may, I say may, be covering for his bosses.  Quid pro quo? who knows.  A few of the folks Bill let off the hook knew where his bodies were buried as well, though.  John Conyers is holding hearings.  We’re paying for it.  Do you ever tire of the incessant handjob our politicians practice?  Its costly, and useless, yet they continue to do it no matter who holds the reins.

   The blog is healthy, long live the blog.  Met some new folks.  If you really wanna tickle your funny bone I recommend Mediapython.  He’s a good writer too.  It’s a decent place to drop a few minutes of your day.. his post about his to do list had me amused no end.

    Max Adams.  Here’s true talent.   Her blog is an eclectic hodge podge of creativity that should entertain you.   Warning to all you fellas.  clever or sexy, or the bouncer won’t let you in.  If you don’t believe she has talent, she inspired the first ever picture at my picture free blog.

MDVPhas a political (primarily) blog, and seems aware of the game.  He’s a Fred Thompson guy and you political types should check him out

for a different slant on the world take a peek at Stranger.  She’s funny, and observant.  A good combo.

I’ve already plugged D. Peace, but some folks just have it, and he has ten bucks everytime I do this.  I’m not really sure why this guy isn’t a drunken comedic lounge act, but I’m glad he’s here instead.

oscarandre is a writer.  that may seem dull as accolades go, but man, he is a writer

The rest of the blogroll is good stuff to.  I recommend to anyone interested in politics, but not altogether sure they’re getting the straight dope from their candidates blog.

did I say dope? Man, i miss that.

for the roscoe the wonder  bunny fans…last night I caught the    penile purveyor sexually assaulting mollie the dogs water dish.  He’s a bit of a randy bastard, and I’m not sure whether I should have him in the same house as my teenaged children.  I’m contemplating leasing him out to some “b” movie clown and see if i can’t make enough loot to replace the water dish.  I wouldn’t drink out of it, and since mollie witnessed the above mentioned atrocity, I doubt she will either.

there…thats a wrap 

whoops…anita has a macabre thing going that will tittilate  those into that sort of thing.


21 Responses to Shake the tree

  1. max says:

    Aww. Thanks, Criminy.

  2. not often you can say something wonderful about someone and not even fib a little. thank you

  3. max says:

    And you said you did not do links.

    Does Anita know she is in there?

  4. mdvp says:

    I’m flattered. Thanks for the David Duke tipoff too, i might do something about that.

  5. nope. i figured out links….i’ll figure out trackbacks in ’08

  6. i seek reason, md, and you are not unreasonable…hope it sends some of these nutjobs your way. *L*

  7. max says:

    The pings happen if you link to a specific post.

  8. oh…that ez? ok, thank you for your gift of education. I shall figure out all the doohickey’s in time for retirement…promise

  9. mdvp says:

    I’m surprised how many kinds people can be reasonable despite beliefs which often drive others of similar beliefs to unreasonable…ness; liberals, Muslims, liberals, Democrats, liberals, Fundamentalists, and liberals in general. I wouldn’t exactly call me reasonable, but yes, sane… enough.

  10. wait? you aren’t a liberal?

  11. mdvp says:

    I’m hoping that was a joke.

  12. yeah, i was sorta hoping for a little stronger reaction. I miss my ron paul fans.

  13. mdvp says:

    You mean fan.

    You just got one, you should have told him that Ron Paul sucks instead of endorsing him if you wanted more fun.

  14. i did a bunch of those posts, and it was a joy to get the responses, but I try to actually maintain my neutrality, and until the david duke thing today, a lot of things have looked good for him. Whoever heard of the top republican candidate bagging ONLY 15 mill in a quarter?

  15. Stranger says:

    Hey, thanks 🙂 Sweet.

  16. when someone does something that gives you pleasure you should make note of it…I did. Thank you

  17. Anita Marie says:

    I’m a WHOOPS?
    !!!!I love it-!!!!!
    you’re a sport thanks Criminy and keep up the good works.

  18. I should’ve slotted you in…i knew it…oh well, the whoops gave you your own space. Great blog. i enjoy reading you.

  19. Anita Marie says:

    Come on Criminy I was kidding, I love it that I was the Whoops…

    My son is in this writing class and one of the stories they went over was mine and he calls me up and tells me they were reading Tilly Playfair and during discussion time he calls me and and says ” Jesus Mom ” and then he hung up.

    See…Whoops…it was PERFECT.

  20. i knew that…they read your stories to children? small children? did parents complain? you have a sense of the bizarre going on, and the poor little squirts probably didn’t sleep for a week

  21. Anita Marie says:

    Actually, 12 and up read my stories and my Son goes to the University of Washington in Seattle.

    They know sooner or later.

    I guess

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