I don’t know what to call it, but it ends abruptly

    I like the stupid internet.  It makes things easier, and when you don’t have an overabundance of time easier is better.  If you don’t believe me move to an area that has 4 seasons, and see how much harder winter is than the rest.  Even mundane tasks like starting the car can become insurmountable obstacles.  It’s also, as entertainment values go, at least as good a deal as a hooker down on washington and oriental.  Not the high dollar ones maybe, but the meth-fest types the truck drivers like.

   There are of course several things I don’t do.  I can no longer include pics because i did a pic.  i think its the last, unless i can catch roscoe in full roar having his way with a rump roast or something.  That might get posted.  I don’t youtube.  Not for any specific reason, other than it gives me great pleasure to avoid socially iconic fads.  The youtube of today will be something else tomorrow because technowonks need it better.  I’m waiting for the ultimate site.  I don’t know what it’ll be called, but omnipotenttube is just dumb so i hope they avoid it.

    I do seek to broaden my horizons.  I remember seeing Romeo and Juliet when I was young, and thinking geez, with a little sex they could make a movie out of this.  Wrong take on Shakespeare maybe, so I took a look.  Anything he ever wrote can be read online for zero dinero.  What a treat that is.  I read I think three things “a midsummer nights dream, Hamlet, and Othello.  I also read about a dozen sonnets.  I learned that I was wrong.  Sex could in no way fix the works of this master playwright, poet, and author.  Drawing and quartering at a very young age would have saved me a couple of hours worth of wherefores and harks and such.  I despise his work.  Not with any passion.  With the same disdain that I would apply toward catshit I stepped in.  I know, y’all love him.  thats whats great about the net.  You can find it if you like it, and if you don’t know  whether you do or not you can check it out for zip, bubkus, nada.

   I also like to check out all of the new techno gadgets I will never want, need or own.  they’re cool to look at, and you can keep yourself up nights with your head covered up when you think of all the horrible shit these people could be doing with the abilities they have at their disposal.

   and look at all the people.  I meet people here i would never meet in my daily life.  I work at a place yanked out of cannery row, and the people on my block are a mixture of one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, and get shorty; with a distinct Deliverance flavor thrown in.  It has long been my opinion that its better to be hated by people you don’t know and this is a greeat place for that too.  I occassionally read about me, laugh like hell, and return to my regularly scheduled programming.

Which isn’t ALWAYS porn.  108,000,000 sites for it listed on google, and while many of those are probably like my search engine results, you would still be long dead before you could ever click on all of them.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a big fan of the female form.  But you can also type in erotica, and get 28,000,000 options.  They would be tossing dirt on my dessicated husk long before I ever got to 10,000,000.  in other words…its here…whatever you like…in massive quantities.

did i mention the people? holy cow.  I shant (stolen from shakespeare, the worthless fuck) even mention the ones I think should be drowned in the shallow end of the gene pool from whence( yeah, got him again) they came.  They all know who they are, and you don’t want to know them anyway.  Besides, you might like some of them and then you might be offended enough to cyberwhip my ass (another distinct benefit right there).  There are quite a few good ones.  Funny ones, creative ones, wierd ones, serious ones…anything you like its here.

    this is boring the shit out of me, but I’m gonna post it anyway.  Gonna stop right here in the middle.  Know why? Its the net.  So I can, and you can’t stop me.  You also can’t get me to youtube, myspace or buy an apple.  Autonomy rocks.



15 Responses to I don’t know what to call it, but it ends abruptly

  1. Jennifer says:

    I read the begining, scanned the middle and got pissed off at the end. You are living in the past like cave men …..You tube rocks!

  2. good for you…any reaction will do. If you were already scanning by the middle, dare I ask why the end would piss you off?

  3. Cliff Burns says:

    The internet is a great time waster…and that is a cardinal sin. I wish I had the hours to devote to every posting on sundry topics that mean little or nothing in the grand scheme of things. The internet demands CRITICAL THINKING and that is something we humans are gradually winnowing out in the era of the multiverse, two hundred channels of shit and more variety than we know what to do with…

  4. i have somewhat over 200 channels, and the only thing i use the tv for is a place to put the remote. I waste mucho time here, but its not really wasted if it relaxes me enough to write the things i want to write…which i don’t write here. That would be dumb.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I was just joking around. I should know better by now. I was kidding about being pissed with the “abrupt ending” Also, teasing about being outdated if you don’t do you tube. I can be really lame…..very sorry.

  6. i had surmised that, and responded in kind…i checked out yoursite artists make me envious, though i am capable of drawing a mean stick figure family if i have a ream of paper to work with

  7. Jennifer says:

    My stick figure capabilites come directly from loosing so much at hangman.

  8. aw man, that means you know how to draw a noose…like the art thing wasn’t enough? you had to rub it in. fine, well, i can draw hairy larry, and you dont know who that is so you can’t

    man, that was like being 6 again….thanks

  9. Crim, I didn’t catch it — where can I find your MySpace page?
    And your Facebook page.
    Hey, you do IM, right?

  10. sure do…independent masturbation is a god given right I’m willing to fight to the death for

  11. Hmm. Independent masturbation as opposed to…well, I guess Team Masturbation. I was going to be in one of the marathon sessions, but our team was disqualified. Personally, I think we were set up. Either that or someone greased the judge’s palms…

  12. Jennifer says:

    I saw you, You tube! “there…i did it. I youtubed ……..” What he won’t do for a blonde! Max, has magikal powers. Now, I am thinking hairy Larry is on You tube somewhere at least hangman has got to be there! BUSTED!

  13. see Jen, I knew I was going to pay for that little double click. a rerun…that so blows goats. I guess i deserved it.

  14. californiablogging says:

    I have not been able to gloat about anything for a long time so this is sweeeet! Now I just need to make a pod cast of my evil laugh and the world will be bright and shiny to me again!

  15. I’m tickled i could do something that would allow me to be victimized by you. *s*

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