the anti-Ron Paul conspiracy

   Well, it finally happened.  You managed to get me irritated enough to go look around and see what I could make of the whole “ignore ron” myth.  It is.  A myth I mean, smart one.  I’ll grant that he isn’t front page news on every news site, but neither are the candidates ranked 3 or 4 above him either.

   I’ll try to type slowly so you can keep up.  Major news organizations are almost all publically held companies that have a responsibility to their share holders.  The way they live up to this responsibility is to report the things people wish to hear about.  Are you with me so far? good.  Sit still, you’re very distracting.  So if say, Paris Hilton’s phone number is given to some unsuspecting college student, and Ron Paul comes up with a cure for the common cold, you will just have to understand that Paris’s old phone number is more newsworthy, and therefore more important.

    What I recommend to you then is this.  Will you all please take your hands off the safeties of your Uzi’s?  Thank you.  What you can do since you are Ron Paul followers, and as such very adept at manipulating your trigger happy fingers across a keyboard, is go to one of the major News sites.  On the home page there will be a rectangular box (iIknow this because I went and checked so that I could ABC this for you) where you can type in what you wish to search for.  When you have finished typing in Charlton Heston, Ruby Ridge, and Waco, enter Ron Paul’s name in the little box.  Thats R-o-n P-a-u-l. No you don’t have to capitalize, I was just being anal.

   Once you have placed his name in the little box click on the little square box to the right of the rectangular box.  A list will magically appear in front of you.  No, its not like Harry Houdini, it’s more like Bullwinkle Moose.  The paragraphs that you see before you will either talk about Ron Paul or about Ron johnson and Paul Martin.  I only had this problem on MSNBC.  the rest were all Ron Paul.  just click on the underlined words and again you will magically see a story appear.  Yes, its still a story even though it doesn’t begin “once upon a time.”  My favorite was Ron Paul one of only two congressman to vote against money to try civil rights cases.  Stop your cheering.

 Do we have any questions.  Good.  Then quit your damn whining and go read.  Yes, its okay to move your lips and sound out large words.

   Incidentally, CNN says he only raised about 1.5 million projected for the quarter.  They’ve dropped him down the toilet folks.

21 Responses to the anti-Ron Paul conspiracy

  1. Shit, man, how much is The Enemy paying you to keep quiet about Ron Paul’s awesomeness? Look, you might not agree with the man, but he’s got lots of good ideas. I think he’s in favor of giving Pez dispensers the right to vote and I’m pretty sure that he wants to put up ninety-foot high walls around the perimeter of the United States and then dig a two hundred-foot moat around it. The man’s a visionary and if you weren’t part of the Anti-Ron Conspiracy (the ARC, as if you didn’t know), you’d be spreading the word about his greatness. Plus, I think the religious right is against him, too, because if you read the Bible, you’ll find every mention of Ron Paul has been removed. How freaking scary is that?

  2. I didn’t know he had been removed from the bible. no more sodom and gamorrah.

    I’m a huge Ron paul fan. I like all the candidates. I’m bettin they taste like chicken

  3. I wouldn’t bet on that. I’ll bet Hilary tastes a bit gamy.

  4. she never even entered my thought process. there is definitely something wrong with you. It’s almost bedtime here, and you give me that for an image?

    I’m going to have stiletto type dreams tonight.

  5. Hey! Back off, man! I’m the one claiming Stiletto for my dreams tonight. You can have Max. (And I’m not even going to say, “And may God have mercy on your soul.” Honest. I’m not.)

  6. I hate him…how about you!, “…they hate us for our FREEDOMS!”

  7. RM: not exactly what I meant, but i bet you hear that a lot

    Rudy: nope…i don’t hate anyone. Well, buddy down at Bob’s fine used cars, leather goods and fine dining, but thats another story altogether

  8. mdvp says:

    I’m pretty sure Fred Thompson tastes like sirloin steak. Be warned though, anything cooked longer than medium rare will result in immediate death upon consumption in a mixture of painful conditions.

    Also, contrary to popular belief, it is Fred Thompson who is The Most Dangerous Game, not Man in general. Your only hope is to become an eccentric billionare and live on an island or find one to invite you to hunt Fred Thompson. As Stephen Colbert pointed out recently, Michael Bloomberg is a likely choice.

  9. can you source that MDVP?

  10. mdvp says:

    No. Sounds like something would say in their Fred Thompson facts, though. I should send it to them.

  11. hey, thanks for the link. i believe the title except unmedicated

  12. mdvp says:

    It’s a funny site if you’re conservative. A right leaning centrist such as yourself should find amusing as well.

  13. i find almost anything amusing. I can laugh with the liberals too. Long as its funny. i take nothing about politics personal..its a hobby

  14. mdvp says:

    Oh, I laugh at liberals all the time… “universal health care will be good for America” is one of my favorites.

  15. I agree. They call it compassion, I call it corporate welfare, and bad health care. compassion and dumb are not synonyms

  16. mdvp says:

    The basic premise seems to be to divert your compassion to those who could probably pay for health care that is much better if they really tried rather than the elderly and the seriously ill. When you check Canada out, it’s not really all that great. Personally, I say try to take out the government like it was before Medicare ruined it (it was #1 in the world) and let HSAs work rather than increasing the thing that started the problem in the first place.

  17. see, now thats how i feel about auto insurance…it was sure cheaper when it wasn’t mandated.

  18. Braden says:

    Well I’m not so sure that there’s a conspiracy against Ron Paul. There have been conspiracy theorists that support Ron Paul though like the 9/11 truth guys and the New World Order fanatics. I think Ron Paul is keeping Ron Paul out of the press. He’s not making that many campaign stops in key states. His game plan is all out of whack (assuming that he has one). I do congratulate him on raising more money than McCain this quarter though.

  19. hello braden. i would, but McCain supports Bush on Iraq, and in the middle of the quarter came out in favor of the incredibly unpopular immigration reform bill. He also pulled about the same money as Paul, but has less cash on hand.

    I think you make a good point about Ron Paul not seeking press. Thats an intelligent stance for him to take.

    thanks for stopping in.

  20. college says:

    Very beatiful.

  21. hello college

    thanks for coming by

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