The ultra liberal following of Ron Paul

July 8, 2007

There has been a lot of news about henry…er Ron today, and the blogwires are being torn up with it.  A gazillion articles about his appearance on George Stephanopoulos’s “This week” this morning. Not many mention that George said he has no chance.  The reality is that even though he has no chance, it was a huge victory just being invitedon the program

He also won a straw poll in New Hampshire that had like 260 voters.  He received 65 percent of the vote.  Hey, he might not win an election, but he’s all the rage at pie socials and picnics in New Hampshire.  How’d  the North’s version of Georgia get so important in politics anyway?  Has to be marketing.  Their electoral votes don’t get them any play that’s for sure.

   The big Ron news is the earmarks.  I wrote a piece on it, so did one other guy I’ve found so far.  You won’t see a lot of it because like ultra liberals, Ron Paul followers can ignore important facts, and rave about sunday morning inanities. A picnic triumph, and the no chance vote of a politico of world renown are for more important than how a libertarian became just part of the problem.  It’s a good thing for those of us wanting something better in our leadership of course.  When all you do is preach to the choir it’s hard to broaden your base.  When you hide the downside of your behaviour in office instead of confronting it with your reasoning, you cast doubt on your effcacy as a leader

man, are we dumb

July 8, 2007

     So today I watched an author tell me how dumb I am.  How dumb we all are.  As a result of the internet.  It is his considered opinion that because now anyone can write, be a journalist, create video’s, etc. and distribute them online we are all dumber.  His theory is that prior to the internet only professionals did these things, and we were all better for it.

   excuse me while I disagree.  I know, it’s rare for me to disagree with someone, but I feel I must.  The internet just gives us choices.  I can now choose to read what is believable, rather than listen to some newscaster with fake hair, fake teeth, and a fake heart tell me what I should believe.  If I do watch the news i can go to the net and through the miracle of “surfing” can determine for myself whether the overpaid nitwit had it right or not.

   The entertainment industry is like any other.  It is owned and run by a select group of people.  I’m sure they all could be fine people, but its also quite possible that they don’t know anything about talent.  Publishers, producers, directors, et al do not necessarily know what is good.  I’ve read a number of blog writers that have as much or more talent than anyone I’ve ever read that has been published.  It’s more choices.

more choices make us smarter…not dumber.  If we are to lazy to check sources, or to look for whats good online, thats a matter of personal choice.  It’s not an indication of societal intellect.  We are not tearing down the fabric of society(paraphrase) as he put it, and throwing off the yoke of tyrannical corporation control is not really the point i’m making either.  My point is we’ve let you lie to us long enough, and lead us around by the nose long enough.  quit whining because we were smart enough to catch on to your game, and adapt your approach to the new game in town.

To prove my intellect I refuse to source out the name of the nitwit that I’m talking about.  If you want his book do what I do and go look for the damn thing.  I’m not his marketing executive.  I watched him on FoxNews…i only added that last as a dig to my liberal friends.

Ron Paul releases earmarks information

July 8, 2007

   It would appear on the surface that Ron Paul isn’t the small government libertarian we all thought, well, you all thought he was.  It rather looks like he’s been out chasing the  appropriations pig with the rest of our elected officials.  In the last quarter (based on the dates of his funding requests) Ron Paul has made 65 requests for earmarks.

Giving credit where credit is due I’ll say thank you Ron, for having the decency to release to the voters how you wish to spend their money.  That said, I’m from Indiana, and don’t see why a libertarian would want my money to investigate, construct, maintain or organize Texas’s eastern shore infrastructure.  Nor why a man that believes in the free market would want me to subsidize the shrimp industry.  Each and everyone of these earmarks is a state issue, and I think it is disengenuous for him to rail against a federal “cash cow” while he suckles from its teat.

   His request forms (which appear to be cover letters) don’t generally say how much he is requesting.  They just state what he is requesting money for.  His requests seem reasonable unless you listen to how he feels the federal government should work.

My personal problem with earmarks isn’t really about the money.  It’s about the fact that supporting local pet projects with federal funds is merely a way of keepig yourself in office.  Trust me when I tell you that his list of projects all but ensure’s that Galveston will vote Ron Paul.  Man, he hooked up Galveston.  If you don’t believe its just buying votes from your local constituents, look how long that fossil Robert Byrd(yeah, former KKK man robert byrd) has remained in office by bringing home the bacon to West Virginia?

   It’s wrong…any way you slice it.  It’s even more wrong to be a hypocrite about it, and Ron Paul has moved into the hypocrite category on the earmark issue.  I guess he ne needed to keep his job, so he sold out his beliefs.  fair enough

the link will take you to any candidate you want. enjoy the reading  Citizens Against Government waste is the site

sunday is for random thoughts #5

July 8, 2007

1.Nothing will end a relationship quicker than talking about the relationship.

2,I talk to inanimate objects.  Half of the people that just thought “what a doofus” talk to plants, gold fish, and their spouses.

3. look, fishtracks

4. I’m older, wiser, and meaner than you.  Yeah, you have more stuff.  you win

5. text messaging is not the root of all evil, but it is the weapon of choice of idiots and knaves

6. 70 congesspersons are women, 16 senators are women, about 50 percent of the population is made up of women. The problem isn’t gone yet.

8. everyone is dysfunctional but me…I am datfunctional

9. i want world peace, and end to starvation and a cigarette.  Some of your goals should always be attainable.

10. I’m not nearly as impressed with the new 7 wonders as I was with the old ones.  Do you think thats because of online voting, or because 6 of the old 7 no longer exist?

11. the internet is not making us dumber.  It just gives more dumb people access. (more on this one later)

12. Jimmy Stewart, Idi Amin Dada, and Toulouse Lautrec’ three people i would not invite to dinner

13.  you can’t gargle with a ping pong ball in your mouth. (just to see if i get any search engine hits on this)

14.  if brains were made of cotton I know a lot of people that wouldn’t have enough  cotton to make a tampon for a termite.

15.  if everyone said what they thought I’d go to church on Sundays.

16.   If I could bring myself to believe in creationism it would be a lot easier to understand why the world is so messed up.  Was god in a union? was there a deadline? He could’ve spent several millenia just on free thought.

17.  I am stuck on bandaids, because bandaids stuck on me.  (random isn’t always that much fun is it?)

18. putrescence, sarcastic, and insipid….that covers congress for this week

19.  facetious, abstemious, and aerious.  three words that prove there are not just two words in the english language with all five vowels in their proper order

20.   nothing is ever as it seems, and everything seems different to everyone.  Add to that there is no hard “truth” outside of mathematics, and you can pretty well assume that whatever someone else is saying isn’t true for you.

21.  not tonight, i have a headache.   (see what i mean)

who is your candidate? (quiz link)

July 8, 2007

  so there is a quiz.  I didn’t bother to read how scientific it is.  i just wanted to see what happened.

if you go to that link you get a 25 question quiz asking you how you stand on issues and personal data for a candidate.

here are my centrist results.  Mdvp is gonna hang me.

1.  Theoretical Ideal Candidate   (100%)
2.  Dennis Kucinich   (61%)  Information link
3.  Hillary Clinton   (55%)  Information link
4.  Joseph Biden   (53%)  Information link
5.  Barack Obama   (53%)  Information link
6.  Christopher Dodd   (52%)  Information link
7.  Alan Augustson   (52%)  Information link
8.  John Edwards   (52%)  Information link
9.  Al Gore   (49%)  Information link
10.  Wesley Clark   (49%)  Information link
11.  Rudolph Giuliani   (47%)  Information link
12.  Michael Bloomberg   (47%)  Information link
13.  John McCain   (43%)  Information link
14.  Mitt Romney   (42%)  Information link
15.  Ron Paul   (42%)  Information link
16.  Mike Gravel   (39%)  Information link
17.  Tom Tancredo   (39%)  Information link
18.  Bill Richardson   (36%)  Information link
19.  Duncan Hunter   (34%)  Information link
20.  Kent McManigal   (34%)  Information link
21.  Elaine Brown   (30%)  Information link
22.  Jim Gilmore   (29%)  Information link
23.  Tommy Thompson   (29%)  Information link
24.  Mike Huckabee   (24%)  Information link
25.  Newt Gingrich   (23%)  Information link
26.  Chuck Hagel   (23%)  Information link
27.  Fred Thompson   (22%)  Information link
28.  Sam Brownback   (22%)  Information link

oh well, i called em as i seen em.    guess i’m a whacko liberal.  Probably because i said legalize dope.  I’m really not sure how this happened.  I think it may be flawed. maybe how i rated the importance or something.  I was gratified to know i really don’t like Ron Paul.  I’ll tag it for Tsoldrin.  Even more gratifying was that they agree…i don’t like any of them.