man, are we dumb

     So today I watched an author tell me how dumb I am.  How dumb we all are.  As a result of the internet.  It is his considered opinion that because now anyone can write, be a journalist, create video’s, etc. and distribute them online we are all dumber.  His theory is that prior to the internet only professionals did these things, and we were all better for it.

   excuse me while I disagree.  I know, it’s rare for me to disagree with someone, but I feel I must.  The internet just gives us choices.  I can now choose to read what is believable, rather than listen to some newscaster with fake hair, fake teeth, and a fake heart tell me what I should believe.  If I do watch the news i can go to the net and through the miracle of “surfing” can determine for myself whether the overpaid nitwit had it right or not.

   The entertainment industry is like any other.  It is owned and run by a select group of people.  I’m sure they all could be fine people, but its also quite possible that they don’t know anything about talent.  Publishers, producers, directors, et al do not necessarily know what is good.  I’ve read a number of blog writers that have as much or more talent than anyone I’ve ever read that has been published.  It’s more choices.

more choices make us smarter…not dumber.  If we are to lazy to check sources, or to look for whats good online, thats a matter of personal choice.  It’s not an indication of societal intellect.  We are not tearing down the fabric of society(paraphrase) as he put it, and throwing off the yoke of tyrannical corporation control is not really the point i’m making either.  My point is we’ve let you lie to us long enough, and lead us around by the nose long enough.  quit whining because we were smart enough to catch on to your game, and adapt your approach to the new game in town.

To prove my intellect I refuse to source out the name of the nitwit that I’m talking about.  If you want his book do what I do and go look for the damn thing.  I’m not his marketing executive.  I watched him on FoxNews…i only added that last as a dig to my liberal friends.


27 Responses to man, are we dumb

  1. Anita Marie says:

    When I first became a musician I was told, my these 16 year old guys that smelled like Clearsil and smoke that I wasn’t ” a professional ” musician so they didn’t need me…but gee how’s about my phone number?

    Anyway I went and told my music teacher about t this at my next lesson and he said that professional meant you got paid for what you did.

    Skill had nothing to do with it.

    So he tells me to play a scale, which I do, he tosses me a quarter and says, ” there you’re professional now if anyone asks.”

    sort of wordy, but makes the point.
    PS I watch FOX news to, but that’s so I can get material for my sock puppet routine.

  2. i like to compare the news shows…they amuse me more than comedy central…your music teacher had wisdom and style

  3. When I was younger, my grandmother would watch the news and no matter who was on, she’d say, “He’s a lying bastard.” I asked her why she said that and she told me, “Because he’s not a reporter. He’s a broadcaster and that means he can’t think for himself. He’s just telling us what his boss wants him to tell us.”

  4. even the journalists aren’t anymore though…thats what makes a world wide web so handy

  5. I know. It’s great. Left or right, I just love watching as they frantically try to spin the news the way they want and more and more, no one is listening to them. I saw a black-and-white clip of this guy on stage with poles that had plates whirling all around and I picture today’s print media doing the same thing — rushing from pole to pole, doing their best to keep all those plates spinning with their material, hoping desperately to keep them from falling…

  6. that was almost lucid, and an almost perfect use of an analogy…are you sure you’re a ron paul follower?

  7. *drinks more Kool-Aid*

    Yes. I am a Ron Paul follower.

  8. You know, arguing with the Ron Paul people is the same as when I’d argue with the Ross Perot people.

  9. never argue richard. try to inform, and let it go

  10. Crim, you just…you just…

    You gave out sage advice!

    My god, that’s the first time that I’ve actually encountered sage advice.

    Can I go with you and Mister Baggins when you try to throw Ron Paul into Mount Doom? Please? Can I? Can I?

  11. who is mr. baggins? what’s a mount doom?

  12. mdvp says:

    Lord of the Rings reference. Good example of the extent of Ron Paul supporters’ lives.

  13. that was cold…he put up my first criminy for president blog so i’m going to excuse his references to things i know nothing about.

  14. mdvp says:

    Yeah, I know. Just kidding really. Besides, he is spouting the Ron Paul stuff.

    And I am a huge LoTR fan, actually… There are many things about me you wouldn’t expect from someone with my political views.

  15. i watched all of them. I only really disliked the incredibly to long trek to mount doom in the third one. he’s not really a ron paul fan. I don’t think.

  16. mdvp says:

    Yes, I noticed that… But if not, who does he support? If it’s really you, why is he not in an asylum?

  17. ummmm, because he is crafty? thats all i got.

  18. mdvp says:

    On a related note, when are you announcing?

  19. soon. I figure i’ll wait until everyone is incredibly sick of this whole pack, then I’ll swoop in and snag the disenfranchised majority. I’m pretty good at strategy, bad at keeping my mout shut, and have an wonderfully horrendous misspent youth. My best bet is to get as little publicity as possible.

  20. mdvp says:

    Well, you’ll have to be careful… the stuff about your rabbit can’t be good, you’ll lose the evangelical vote. And you really need to pick a side on the grape issue: which color? Don’t let the greeninista control you, everyone knows they’ve got nothing on purple and those are the two main demographics.

  21. man, i can do this. what do you think of


  22. mdvp says:

    Too easy:

    Vote Grape! becomes:

    Vote Grap! which becomes

    Vote Crap!

    Anything done by replacing the amount of letters in the number of the total amount of letters in the word/phrase divided by two or less is considered a valid personal political attack under ‘irrelevant mudslinging’ by de facto common unspoken consensus. You’ll have to try harder than that.

  23. you wouldn’t happen to be looking for work would you? I’m not up on political intrigue stuff.

  24. mdvp says:

    No. But I have enough time to perform minor assistance around here, if you really need me. If you get to Washington because everyone but Hillary and Dr. Paul is suddenly stricken dead though, I’ll expect a few favors. You know how it works, I assume.

  25. cool. i could probably use your help in the areas of bribery, coercion, and illegal fundraising

  26. mdvp says:

    Why, thank you, I’m flattered. Since we’re being frank, I have a few old friends that may be interested in helping out too. Haven’t been involved in POTUS politics since Kennedy, and they never did get Castro, I’m sure they’d love the opportunity.

  27. awesome. i used to work with some of them I’d bet. They’re very convincing, and look great in suits. Plus, I’d not need the secret service. I’m already thinking of ways to balance the budget

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