The ultra liberal following of Ron Paul

There has been a lot of news about henry…er Ron today, and the blogwires are being torn up with it.  A gazillion articles about his appearance on George Stephanopoulos’s “This week” this morning. Not many mention that George said he has no chance.  The reality is that even though he has no chance, it was a huge victory just being invitedon the program

He also won a straw poll in New Hampshire that had like 260 voters.  He received 65 percent of the vote.  Hey, he might not win an election, but he’s all the rage at pie socials and picnics in New Hampshire.  How’d  the North’s version of Georgia get so important in politics anyway?  Has to be marketing.  Their electoral votes don’t get them any play that’s for sure.

   The big Ron news is the earmarks.  I wrote a piece on it, so did one other guy I’ve found so far.  You won’t see a lot of it because like ultra liberals, Ron Paul followers can ignore important facts, and rave about sunday morning inanities. A picnic triumph, and the no chance vote of a politico of world renown are for more important than how a libertarian became just part of the problem.  It’s a good thing for those of us wanting something better in our leadership of course.  When all you do is preach to the choir it’s hard to broaden your base.  When you hide the downside of your behaviour in office instead of confronting it with your reasoning, you cast doubt on your effcacy as a leader


14 Responses to The ultra liberal following of Ron Paul

  1. dw says:

    This is so old already…..look at the funding requests and what bills they were tied to and you will see that he noted NO on all of them. Can we put this to rest and move on to other attacks? Someone out there has got to come up with something better than this crap, this is getting boring. Thanks for allowing me to comment, I certainly mean no offense. Just dig up something that we dont know how to combat, It will help us out a lot.

  2. hello DW-i’m pretty sure you didn’t address the post. who cares how he voted on the overall bill? the fact remains that his nose is buried in the federal coffers for local projects as deeply as anyones. The difference is he likes to rail against it.

    thanks for stopping by

  3. Fluffy says:

    What do you mean, “Who cares how he voted on the overall bill”?

    Congress makes legislation, including appropriations legislation, by voting. Period. If you vote against the ultimate legislation, the procedural stuff that comes before that legislation is irrelevant.

    Put your accusation in one sentence and see if it makes sense. “Ron Paul, this spending in this bill you voted against is YOUR FAULT!” Um…..

  4. Kyle says:

    if it’s such a big story, why, as you say, have only you and one other written anything about it?

    as president, Paul won’t be signing budgets that contain the pork. that’s what we’re hoping anyway.

    also, what’s this about ‘ultra-liberal’ supporters? show me, don’t tell me…

  5. hello kyle. You can’t show the blind anything. Also, only a dreamer would think Ron Paul could change anything as president, since he would have no backing on capital hill. Further, I haven’t read about Ron Paul’s earmarks on the ron paul fan blogs, because you respond to criticism of ron paul the way the ultra left and neo right respond to criticism of their faves. You ignore it and hope it goes away, or you attack the reasoned individuals that point it out. A BIG story isn’t determined by readership. It’s determined by its relevance, and its informational and educational value. I think its educational that Ron Paul is a typical pork barrel congressman. I’m sorry you don’t feel it’s important.
    thanks for stopping by

  6. Ernie Kovacs says:

    I had no idea the neo-conservatives were so skilled in fortune telling. Do you wear your tinfoil hat when you sit around and try to predict the future?

    You have no chance of being perceived as a reputable source of information, yet you still persist. You have much in common with your purported nemesis, it seems.

  7. hi ernie – thank you for that insightful commentary. I’m not a neo-con. I loathe them with the same jocularity that I loathe u-libs and Pauliacs

    thanks for coming by

  8. hi fluffy – turn it around again. did Ron Paul vote against the measure because it had his pork in it? No. Having voted against legislation that you helped fatten is hardly cover.

    thanks for coming by

  9. mdvp says:

    ” You can’t show the blind anything”

    As a wise man once said: “None are so blind as those who support Ron Paul.”

    You really attracted the nuts with this one, huh? I know what my returning blog is going to be about in a week.

  10. discourse is not dead. It’s being beaten to death though. I’m not sure why people are so offended by someone asking them to explain their views. How horrible is that.

  11. mdvp says:

    Well, seeing as how Ron Paul is God and everything. Or Cthulhulu (sp?) I should say. They see it as an insult to perfection.

  12. there is no zealot like a convert…i wonder if they shine their bullets, or just clean the barrel?

  13. lojpre says:

    so, when the congress introduces a bill to tax the hell out of the nation, and every congressman tries to bring some of the tax money back to his district, and when ron paul attempts to give back his district it’s tax dollars, and votes against the whole bill, he is a hypocrite? Right. He has said himself on television that he opposes federal funding consistently, but makes sure his tax payers get their money back if it happens. This is exactly what i would do in his position, regardless of the impact on my popularity! For god’s sake, to not give the money back to my district would be to allow the rest of the nation to steal it from my district!

  14. hello lojpre. I think it would be a better thing to stand on your principals. lets try this. You don’t agree with throwing a rock through your neighbors window. Some guy is paying ten bucks. everyone else is doing it

    do you get your ten bucks?

    thanks for stopping by

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