who is your candidate? (quiz link)

  so there is a quiz.  I didn’t bother to read how scientific it is.  i just wanted to see what happened.


if you go to that link you get a 25 question quiz asking you how you stand on issues and personal data for a candidate.

here are my centrist results.  Mdvp is gonna hang me.

1.  Theoretical Ideal Candidate   (100%)
2.  Dennis Kucinich   (61%)  Information link
3.  Hillary Clinton   (55%)  Information link
4.  Joseph Biden   (53%)  Information link
5.  Barack Obama   (53%)  Information link
6.  Christopher Dodd   (52%)  Information link
7.  Alan Augustson   (52%)  Information link
8.  John Edwards   (52%)  Information link
9.  Al Gore   (49%)  Information link
10.  Wesley Clark   (49%)  Information link
11.  Rudolph Giuliani   (47%)  Information link
12.  Michael Bloomberg   (47%)  Information link
13.  John McCain   (43%)  Information link
14.  Mitt Romney   (42%)  Information link
15.  Ron Paul   (42%)  Information link
16.  Mike Gravel   (39%)  Information link
17.  Tom Tancredo   (39%)  Information link
18.  Bill Richardson   (36%)  Information link
19.  Duncan Hunter   (34%)  Information link
20.  Kent McManigal   (34%)  Information link
21.  Elaine Brown   (30%)  Information link
22.  Jim Gilmore   (29%)  Information link
23.  Tommy Thompson   (29%)  Information link
24.  Mike Huckabee   (24%)  Information link
25.  Newt Gingrich   (23%)  Information link
26.  Chuck Hagel   (23%)  Information link
27.  Fred Thompson   (22%)  Information link
28.  Sam Brownback   (22%)  Information link

oh well, i called em as i seen em.    guess i’m a whacko liberal.  Probably because i said legalize dope.  I’m really not sure how this happened.  I think it may be flawed. maybe how i rated the importance or something.  I was gratified to know i really don’t like Ron Paul.  I’ll tag it for Tsoldrin.  Even more gratifying was that they agree…i don’t like any of them.


36 Responses to who is your candidate? (quiz link)

  1. mdvp says:

    What?!?! Okay, this quiz is way off because it put McCain above Thompson (Thompson came in 4th after him and Hunter then Tancredo, who were 1st and second respectively. I was prepared for those two, though it was different from the OnTheIssues one, but… 69 to 68. One point. Just one point between Fred and him.) but this… This is uncalled for. Obscene. I could go on forever about your top ten. But Fred at #2 from the bottom!?!? Hanging you , my friend, would not be painful enough.

    You’re lucky I like you.

  2. well, they say if they don’t have a stance on an issue they don’t get scored. I would imagine that skews it. If you pick three things he doesn’t mention, wham…to the bottom with a bullett. Still, i can see kucinich toward the top for me, but hillary? maybe i could be hanged with barbwire, and filleted with a ginsu?

  3. mdvp says:

    At least you don’t seem to really agree all that much with anyone at all. Nice idea, but that has to be the finish. What’s that thing the Lord of Exeter invented? Stretches you out… Perhaps you should be drawn and quuartered instead… I’ll think about it.

  4. yeah, and the top 15 are all within a twenty point spread, so from kucinich to paul…i’m probably within the +/-

  5. incidentally, if the election were tomorrow and those were the choices, i’d vote bloomberg

  6. I got 68% saying Ron Paul. Come on, Crim — what kind of sicko mind games you playing with me? Now I’m all confused. I guess I’ve got no choice but to throw in my lot with the Paul-ians. On the plus side, at least there won’t be any fund raisers for the guy — and if there are, I won’t have to contribute much, since no one else is, either.

  7. bwahahahahaha got guns? You read it here first folks…richard morgan, political nutjob

    that kind of goes hand in hand with the rest of the personna….heh

    btw…hang on to those rupert posters…i may have a buyer

  8. Bastard! You hear me, Crim? You’re a right bloody bastard! I don’t know how you hacked into the internet and posted that bogus quiz, but there is no way in Hell that I could be one of the Ron Paul-ians. This means war. I’d have accepted being Hillary Clinton over Ron Paul. My god, have you seen his supporters? They’re insane! I’d rather throw myself into a pack of flesh-eating zombies than go to a Ron Paul rally. Ideally, I’d like to take an entire horde of flesh-eating zombies TO a Ron Paul rally…

  9. oh its not that bad. Quit being hysterical. You’ll fit in fine at the Ruby Ridge hootenanny, cross burning, and gun show

  10. Okay, Grapeman, this has gone too far. As soon as I get this white hood on, I’m going to show you what for. (“Honey, get me the modified AK-47, would you? And some hollow points. I got me a blogger to go see.”)
    And how dare you bring up Ruby Ridge? Some fine patriots died there — good people whose only crime was in trying to form a militia and take down the government.
    I smell me a pink-o, Bubba.

  11. bring it on big fella. i haven’t always been a city slicker. man, i have to say. That sounded so natural coming from you…almost like you’ver been doing it for years you little ron paulian

  12. *laughing*

    Crim, my man, it’s times like this I’m glad that Al Gore invented the internet.

    Too bad we’re going to have to eliminate you once Ron takes office. Enjoy your freedom while you’ve still got it. By the time you get out of imprisonment, you’re going to be nothing more than a box of raisins.

  13. box of raisins beats the hell out of Cell Block “D’s” former wife.

  14. Okay, that last comment made me squirt my pruno out my nose.

  15. I almost got max earlier. I’ll consider an almost on her, and success on you my crowning achievement as a blogger

  16. Damn it! Max Adams beats me out again!

    I’ll tell you — it’s not easy having an internet nemesis.


    An internemesis…

  17. look at the bright side…well, there really isn’t abright side. you just got punked by a girl in the self control dept.

  18. Gosh, Crim, when you put it like that, let me see if I can’t get my ex-wife’s shrimp scampi recipe…

  19. you telling me its an addiction?

  20. mdvp says:

    The quiz must be fixed, anyone who could get 68% for Ron Paul would not be able to type more than ten seconds without copying and pasting his propaganda.

  21. all quizzes, polls, and tests are rigged online. fortunately, there are enough of them that you can find one that agrees with what you think of yourself….morning MD

  22. mdvp says:

    Of course… good morning. Well, early afternoon, here, but you might be in central time…

  23. nope. we’re not in the east, but were on eastern time. Morning is relative to when I got out of bed

  24. mdvp says:

    Yeah, I suppose with me too. But I’ve been up since 6:30 (I go to church and, for some reason have never questioned the family tradition of going to the 7:00 mass.)

  25. early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealtjy and wise….also cranky, but it doesn’t rhyme

  26. mdvp says:

    And if done frequently, completely crazy. Just look at the guy who said that, he thought our national bird should be a turkey.

  27. you’ve never said anything here that upset me MD, but if you besmirch the noble turkey just one more time…

  28. mdvp says:

    I’m just saying, maybe if turkeys didn’t spend so much time on the ground or oven or as disgusting replacement meat products for liberals who can’t handle beef, they’d be worthy of our great mation.

  29. lol…you are the man MD. that was sweet

  30. […] Take the quiz for yourself. [VIA Criminizzle] […]

  31. Okay, Criminy, here’s a link to the guy that’s got my vote, even if his background is a little shaky…


  32. my background isn’t shaky..so i’m not allowed out of the country…so several states have warrants open…that could happen to anyone

  33. mdvp says:

    Is there any sort of reward involved?

  34. naw, its all minor stuff. I’m non-violent, so none of it is extraditeable.

  35. mdvp says:

    As long as they’re blue states with the warrants, no one really cares…

  36. yeah, and if they do they can’t find their own ass with a compass so they sure won’t find me

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