what a waste

July 9, 2007

   I wasn’t blogging in the mid nineties.  In fact, I couldn’t have defined blogging in the mid 90’s.  I didn’t buy a computer until the late nineties.  I’m slow about buying things.  I call it frugal.  My kids call it squeezing juice from a dime.  They have no room to speak on the matter.  Two of them as yet make no effort to make money of their own, and the other is a shyster from hell.  He always has an angle.  He keeps it legal, but has a way of making me maintain a “bail fund” just in case.  That’s not what this is about.

    In the mid 90’s I watched as everything was about get Bill Clinton.  I watched as millions of dollars were spent on a special prosecutor to track down what amounted to information about various nefarious deeds, plots, and conspiracies that in total amounted to nothing.  Ok, there were probably crimes committed.  There were probably ethical breaches.  Oh who am I kidding.  There were a lot of things.  None of them meant a whole lot to me.  They meant a lot to conservatives.  They spent money like it belonged to them in a congressional witch hunt designed to bring down the president, and thereby cast doubt on the office.  this was unhealthy.  This was imprudent.  This was incredibly wasteful, but since I wasn’t blogging I couldn’t say that to any but those I ran into in real life.

    The biggest crime commited in that era wasn’t by Clinton.  It was by a Republican controlled congress.  It wasn’t something they could be tried for.  It wasn’t even something people noticed until long after it ceased to be important.  It was a statistic before the world paid any attention at all.  Rwanda.  Genocide.   Hutu’s killing Tutsi’s until the rivers ran with blood.  Until a generation of men was decimated.  Until a generation of women were gang raped and impregnated and slaughtered while the world looked the other way.

    The Republicans weren’t alone in this travesty of justice.  The administration ignored it as well.  It was to busy covering the ass of it’s boss.  European leaders ignored it.  They were worried about the Balkans, and found a way to get the U.S. involved.  They needed us, and Bill needed a distraction that mattered.  Everyone got what they wanted.  Except the Tutsi’s.  They got screwed.  No kissing involved.

   Now we have a president being nipped at by a congress that can find no better way to spend their time or our  money.  The parallels are to many to enumerate.  Let’s call it the same thing 12 years later.  While men in Darfur are slaughtered, women are raped and impregnated, children starve and die by the thousands; congress would like to know what happened with the firings of 8 disinteresting lawyers, and why Scooter Libby’s prison sentence was commuted.

    I’m not traumatized by this.  It bothers me though that bloggers take up the cause of unimportant political candidates and rant and rave and attack those that don’t agree with them.  It bothers me that no inspired journalist is recognizing the dangers of the parallel sequences of events.  It bothers me that no candidate has stood up strongly to call this an atrocity.  They all know what I know.  I’m just a guy in the midwest.  They have everything at their disposal.  Is it possible nobody cares that a genocide is happening, and we spend our time on trivialities?   Is this a situation Ron Paul would consider proper government behaviour?  If not, why doesn’t he speak?  How about Barack?  Or Joe Biden?  He’s been there.  He knows.  He has seen with his own eyes, yet he’ll spend his week on Scooter Libby and 8 irrelevant attorneys.  How much would you like to bet that so will the political wing of the blog world?


6a.m hateful

July 9, 2007

  i wake up fine, but talking about anything before 10 a. m. is a great way to make people despise me.

anyone who is currently sleeping is my mortal enemy.

have great days you sleeping bastards

The grape party

July 9, 2007

  Well. having decided the available nutjobs are no more fair than I, an exploratory committe is being formed to decide whether it would be feasible for me to make an ass out of myself in public by running for president.  I shall have to devise a platform for thesoon to be formed Grape Party.  I chose that name in hopes of scoring the wino vote.

   I’ve decided that since its an exploratory committe we shall begin the Exploration at O’malley’s Pub and Eatery, where everyone will be drunk enough to say what a great idea…you got my vote.  If I buy a round I mean.  Cheap assed irish. 

I shall also endeavor to stop using phrases like cheap assed irish,  tight assed catholics,  moronic assed neo-cons, gotdam liberals, and so forth, and so on, ad infinitum.  I don’t mean them anyway, but they do get a reaction.

   After the pub we shall stop off at the Pink Pussycat Bordello where I’m wildly popular in the Leather Room.  In keeping with the traditions established by the big two parties, we’re going to start by preaching to the choir.  It’s a good bet we’ll get 25% support out of the 10 or 12 people that like me, and at least 10% of my blood relatives.

   Lacking any money or ability in the political arena all donations of cash, food, transportation (no unicycles please), aluminum cans,  or labor will be accepted.  This is your chance to become part of the process, and shoot pool and cop a buzz at the same time.

In closing, let me just say.   Vote Grape.