6a.m hateful

  i wake up fine, but talking about anything before 10 a. m. is a great way to make people despise me.

anyone who is currently sleeping is my mortal enemy.

have great days you sleeping bastards

12 Responses to 6a.m hateful

  1. mdvp says:

    Thanks, you too. Just woke up a few hours ago myself.

  2. You are so right, Crim. That’s why I personally went down to the local fire station where some of the lazy bums from last night were trying to catch some sleep and I woke their asses up.

    Hard to believe that a fire hose could fit into certain areas…

  3. firem,en deserve it. If they aren’t posing naked in playgirl they’re putting out fires for cripes sake.

    suppose i just lost the firefighters vote

  4. what is wrong with you?

  5. Are you looking for an actual medical/psychological term or what?

  6. actually, that one was aimed at MD

  7. mdvp says:

    Nothing, just wanted to see what sort of reaction that would get Of course, I didn’t wake up til 7 anyway, so I suppose I’m still your mortal enemy.

  8. no sir, you are not. That all ends by noon, when virtually everyone I work with takes the baton and becomes my mortal enemies.

    I have no enemies. I have people who hate me. I ignore them. no enemies crap involved.

    how goes life, MD?

  9. mdvp says:

    Okay for me, hot weather over here, how about with you? And, of course:

    “anyone who is currently sleeping is my mortal enemy.”

    “I have no enemies.”

    doublespeak, the voters aren’t going to like that. You have much to learn. I suggest giving a few scientists several million dollars to do a bogus study which proves no one was sleeping when you said that at the moment. Worked with cigarettes.

  10. chuckle…at 6 a.m. it was true. glad you and max were up…no one would read me.

    brutal weather. I’m working on top of a steel baghouse, and its like working in an oven. I’m not whining, just saying…it’s hot here too.

    please don’t say its because of global warming. I know how fond of al gore you are.

  11. mdvp says:

    Like you read my mind. Of course, we had relatively cool weather last week and some of the week before. That’s cuz of global warming too, though, it reverses the currents. notice that whether it gets warmer or cooler, global warming is the cause and is proved by it. I always found that funny. Soon they’ll have anexplanation saying it causes everything to stay the same too.

  12. i just remembered, practical reasoning has a fred thompson post up..i posted what i thought was fred’s drawback

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