Ginormo’s Karmic Revenge

   If you haven’t met Ginormo, he can be found here.  I, being an incredibly self righteous twit when it comes to bugs failed to be impressed by Ginormo, and having no notion what a sound mind does, mine told me to pick on the bug in questions.

Apparently insects have feelings, and juice with the karma deities.

I was working about 50 feet off the ground, on a 12 inch walkboard.  It was the usual hot, the usual humid, and the usual pain in the ass because you have to wear alll this safety equipment.  I was suspended between the plenum and the baghouse.  I hadn’t given a moments thought to Ginormo, or any potential for revenge that the book bench pressing ratbag might have in store.  Until I was swarmed by the hornets.  They got me good.  Like 50 times.  I managed to do the Tommy boy Bee dance off the board, and get to hell out of there.

I shall never question the theory of karma again.  I shall never pick on a bug again.  I shall, aw who am i kiddin, to hell with ginormo, tomorrow I’m going to kill me up some bees.

I’m also mad at max for loaning him her cell phone.  I don’t really believe in Karma either.  This was a conspiracy, a plot, an intentional scheme to attack my person for bering a wiseass.


13 Responses to Ginormo’s Karmic Revenge

  1. max says:

    Oh. 50 stings? Are you all right?

    I did not loan him the cell phone either, he snuck onto the computer while I was asleep and sent email and bought a whole bunch of porn. He is a bad bug.

  2. I am fine…sort of. I am not allergic, so no anaphylactic shock for me. The egress from the walkboard was a little hairy. I really did immediately blame your damn bug. *L*

  3. max says:

    He is not my bug. He is a squatter. If he stays much longer I am going to give him a list of chores and a rent bill.

  4. best hurry. He’s growing max. No, don’t look, just feel his warm breath on your shoulder. It’s almost comforting in a terrorizing kind of way, wouldn’t you say?

  5. max says:

    Maybe I will just put a spiked collar on him and say he is a dog.

  6. there’s a plan, but you have to have a breed name. Hi, whatcha got there…my dog. What is he? duh, um, stammer…you see? you , are max adams, and that type of response just would not do. It’s just not…

  7. Stranger says:

    50ft off the ground and stung 50 times by hornets. And you didn’t die.

    Now that’s impressive.

  8. hi stranger…no…that was never an option. I wear a harness, a lanyard, and an independent safety cable. However, falling would have given the little buggers about two hours todo there work. I’ll get my revenge tomorrow

    thanks for stopping in

  9. max says:

    Doy. German Shepherd.

  10. a german shepherd. Oh he is not. I’ know from german shepherds, and he is no german shepherd.

    do you stick to your sotry? aand didn’t you call me a fibber? I forgot about that. It’s your ass now.

  11. and now is no time to mess with me. i have just read treacherous tree, and am feeling quite heroic, and stuff

  12. max says:

    Hey, I have had people ask me, straight faced, what kind of dog a Golden Retriever was. I can pull off German Shepherd easy. What, someone is going to tell the nice blonde girl her dog is not a German Shepherd?

  13. i replied to this, but it apparently didn’t take.

    you can call it a duck and probably not get much argument.

    and did you slip by the you called me a fibber thing? I’ll let it go…for now.

    night max

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