music…i don’t do that

well, I like music, but I get bored snotless when people talk about it.  What could be more dysfunctional than spending all your time talking about your Ipod playlist?  I know, y’all now think I’m a heathen commie, and thats cool.  I’ve never been able to do a music post, but i found this site that adds perspective to music as it relates to life.  It’s sorta funny, and worth a look.

there, I have now done a post relating in some small way to music.  Feel free to shoot my boring ass.

8 Responses to music…i don’t do that

  1. kaliedoscopeeyes says:

    well then, they can just get us both with one shot if they’ve got the knack for it. I enjoy music, lyrics and such but not with orgasmic intensity. I’ve heard it carried on about and know the type.

  2. hi kaleidoscope…i really thought i was alone on tis one

    thanks for coming by

  3. Thanks for the plug! You seem even more twisted than I am. In a good way.

    Ms. Mix and Bitch

  4. Hi Ms. Mix and Bitch….more twisted is more better. I don’t find a lot of fun sites. Good sites maybe, but not so much fun sites…yours is fun

    thanks for coming by.

  5. mdvp says:

    I could go on for hours about music, don’t know what’s wrong with you. I just had a long debate about the geopolitical and economic impact of Missy Elliot and related artists a few days ago. 🙂

  6. you do wry wit justice my friend. I could write a blog about that comment. Of course, you’d kick Bustah’s ass in it.

  7. mdvp says:

    “you do wry wit justice”

    “you’d kick Bustah’s ass”

    Only you can use both of those phrases in the same post. I’m flattered, but I’ve read you long enough to know that you could wtrite a blog about anything. I won’t stop you though.

  8. chuckle. I’ll take that in a good way. So much for cynicism. I still think you could take bustah. He has legal troubles, and his heart wouldn’t be in it.

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