When you want something

You tend to pull out the big guns.   You know what your big guns are, and you know how you’ll use them if the need arises.  It’s not unnatural or abnormal to do this.   A normal person will do what he has to to get what he wants.  Naturally there are societal pressures brought to bear that make most people limit the usage of their big guns. 

    Whats funny to me is how many really heinous things are lawful.  How many horrid things normal people can do to each other that never even approach unlawful behaviour.  Children are used all the time for bad purposes.  Got a divorce case? Break out the kids.  Make them hate mommy or daddy, or god forbid use them to make daddy stay with mommy , or vice versa.  It’s a rotten thing to do, and children, all children, deserve a better form of love than this behaviour implies.

    That to me is probably the ultimate legal big gun.  Tarring and feathering should be reinstated as a lawful punishment for people that would use their children in this way.  there are many, many, others.  Use your friends, your influence, your job, your talent, to get the reaction from someone that you desire.  It’s often without any wrongful intent, and I’m not talking about that.  When you use these things to bring harm to another though you have crossed an ethical line that may not be addressed by the law. Fortunately there is a little thing called karma that will balance it out in the end.  As for me, the normal things that normal people do, suck, and so do the normal people that do them.

author’s note: this is apropo of nothing.  if you think I am talking about you you are likely wrong.  I do not interject myself into the affairs of others, and therefore this can’t be about you.  

6 Responses to When you want something

  1. max says:

    “I do not interject myself into the affairs of others, and therefore this can’t be about you.”

    Wow. What a fibber. It is a nice logic loop though.

  2. i thought so too.

    good morning max

  3. mdvp says:

    “deserve a better form of love than this behaviour implies.”

    This from the guy who the went on to inform us he was grounding his children for sleeping?

    🙂 Just kidding, I agree.

  4. you may have been kidding, but it’s a good point

  5. Conundrum says:

    I personally think there is a special place in hell for people who abuse children…and I don’t just mean catholic priest sexual abuse…I mean psychological abuse and physical abuse.

    Yeah, if I’m lucky I will have the chance to become a special sadist and get to torture people who are guilty.

    That sleeping offense…move on big boy. Kids love sleep like adults love sex, or maybe even more.

    I’m so enjoying what you are writing. Thanks

  6. hi conundrum. Thank you. The 6 a.m. hate thing is more to give folks a morning chuckle…it’s usually gone by lunch…unless its monday, then its gone by tuesday

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