6 a. m. hateful

I have an eye swollen shut, I tripped on the gotdam dog, stubbed my toe on the bathrooom door which some idiot hung to swing outward, and I am for damn sure drinking breakfast.

oh, it’s raining.  I want to know which of you is responsible for that?


9 Responses to 6 a. m. hateful

  1. max says:

    MDVP did it.

  2. Stranger says:

    An even more pressing question – who’s responsible for the swollen eye? Don’t try to blame the bees.

  3. thamks max. I had to kill a millwright todsaay, so i’ll get MDVP tomorrow.

    hi stranger…yeah, I blame the bees. They paid. *s*

  4. mdvp says:

    What? It was global warming, not me.

  5. cool..i kinda like MD..now its gore’s ass.

  6. mdvp says:

    Hey, he was only trying to help.

    Actually, come to think of it, it was probably max’s fault. Trying to deflect the blame from herself.

  7. Max is nice to blame, and I just found out she torments men. I think you’re right.

    now what to do about it.

  8. mdvp says:

    Yes, I saw that as well…

  9. I’m contempplating responding to the wimp tag out of spite…and lack of anything to write about

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