I killed A millwright today

  I wasn’t going to do it, but the opportunity presented itself.  He was standing on the catwalk over kettle 8, talking to me over his shoulder.

he is a whiner, and a snitch, and a wiseass, and it suddenly occurred to me that one little shove….

he barely squeaked as he hit 8000 gallons of molten lead and disappeared.

I would have stayed and admired my handywork, but it was lunchtime, and I had lasagna.

The afternoon was beautiful.  Sun shining, a light breeze, and no whining.


14 Responses to I killed A millwright today

  1. mdvp says:

    Okay… remind me not to whine about anything in your presence…

  2. i hate whining…don’t whine…do.

  3. mdvp says:

    At least you put it in ‘fiction.’ That makes me feel a little better.

  4. well, there is no statute of limitation, and I am a cautious man.

  5. hello rajesh…thank you

  6. mdvp says:


    Hey, that’s exactly what I think when people confess to murder!

  7. he probably saw the fiction tag to…I hope

  8. mdvp says:

    Even so, it wasn’t really that awesome, compared to some of what you do. You could have expanded on it… Oh, and by the way, I’m avoiding your latest post because there’s no way I’m doing that.

  9. aw man…i kept it brief on purpose. That was to denote how incredibly unimportant it was.

    You shouldn’t skip it…it’s awesome. Truly the funniest thing I’ve ever written. Quite possibly the funniest writing in the history of mankind. Well, if you exclude Josephus and Phyllis Diller

  10. It is awesome because, the post was funny, wacky and best of all short! you dont find all the three together these days!

  11. hi rajesh…thanks again. I thought about the same, but wouldn’t have given it awesome…I’m glad you did. Awesome comments are always welcome here.

  12. mdvp says:

    It’s like US News’s Washington Whispers… Minus the funny and wac… minus the funny part.

  13. hey, i beat em to the punch on pakistan though. *l*

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