Ron Paul and the NAFTA Super Highway (with corrected links)

I apologize for the links.  They’ve been fixed

  As many of you know, I’m neither for nor against any political candidate at this point.  That being said I have shown more interest in Ron Paul than in many of the other candidates.  The reason for this is I believe Ron Paul is more dangerous.

   One of his bloggers the other day (name withheld) challenged me to come up with something they haven’t already figured out how to spin.  So here you go.  Explain this for me.

On October 30, 2006 He said this:

what this article does not say is the NAFTA superhighway IS I-69. 

On march 12, 2007, Ron Paul made a request for funds.  It was for I-69, and was categorized as funding for roads. see this link.  (page 20) 

Now, if he was against it in october, why is he trying to appropriate funds for it in march?  Don’t say “well he voted against it in the final bill.”  Just tell me why he tried to appropriate funds for the NAFTA superhighway.

  There you go ron paul bloggers.  Handle that… BTW, I am really curious about this, so if any of you have information let me know.  The NAFTA superhighway will go through my town, and I don’t like it.  China is funding deep water ports in mexico, which will make them the big winner in the whole deal.

thanks mike for bringing this to my attention

12 Responses to Ron Paul and the NAFTA Super Highway (with corrected links)

  1. understudy says:

    A big highway does not a North American Union make. He’s seemed principled throughout most of his views, so I’d just give him the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes bills have elements that go way beyond the abstract. _

  2. hi understudy the problem with giving a politician the benefit of the doubt is then you look down and your wallets missing, and your kids are fighting a war in a third world country, and his rich ass is telling you how honest he is. Yes, this clown included.
    thanks for stopping by

  3. Rich says:

    Well criminyjicket I can’t answer why he tried to appropriate funds for this bill, but I’m going to tell you what you don’t want to hear. He did vote against the final bill.

    Also just so you know if you want to break down a person’s voting record I’d bet there would be no politicans left!!! With that said, Ron Paul, imo, has the cleanest and most consistent record I have ever seen from a congressman. I’ll gladly take his track record over the other neocons and socialists that are running for president. Thank you and have a good day.

  4. mdvp says:

    Looks like you’ll be the next Drudge Report if you keep on uncovering this stuff.

  5. Rich Paul says:

    You do realize that I-69 already exists? I’ve driven on it. I can’t tell from whether it runs to Texas yet, but it is an existing highway.

    Anybody in Texas able to tell me whether you guys have an I-69 down there?

  6. Hi Rich. Thanks for giving me an irrelevant answer. That was helpful. Do you know if he voted against it because of his own pork? The rest of them at least don’t claim to be small government constitutionalists and free marketers. He does.

    thanks for your comment

    Hi Rich Paul. I know its a highway. I drive it here. The funds are to extend it through houston…imagine that. It does not say for repairs…it says for roads, and the intent is to run the nafta superhighway through houston which will please Rich Paul’s rich Texas voting base.
    It’s the flip flop that is so concerning.

    thanks for coming by.

    hey MD. I doubti t. I’m to lazy. Mike gave me this…i just followed up.

  7. JL says:

    I-96 is a road, not a NAFTA Super Highway. There is a LOT more to NAFTA than a means of mass transit. That said, Dr. Paul appropriates funds based on the desires of citizens in his district, not his personal views; this is his job as a congressman. The final vote on bills is HIS view, and he, as far as I can tell, always votes constitutionally, and against big government.

    I commend your passion when it comes to exposing candidates for hypocrisy and wasteful government spending, but you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with Ron Paul, and coming up with very little. that is not to say I think you should stop looking for this. on the contrary, just because Ron Paul is by far the most honest , principled, and consistent candidate does NOT mean we should just take every thing he does and says for gospel.

  8. JL i know., the interst of brevity I neither describe nor link to the hundreds of sites that discuss this. I give readers a starting point. i drive on I-69 everyday. Mitch Daniels, a former white house staffer for Bush, is pushing what he calls major moves. It is to extend I-69 to the illinois border. These are measures to get a head start on The NAFYA superhighway. Paul and Daniels both know what it takes to please repubkican businessmen, and use what cover they can to forward Bush”s agenda to spread “free” “screw America” trade across North America.

  9. JL says:

    he’s the only politician I have seen who is criticizing this. and lou dobbs is the only one in the mainstream media who has criticized this. both of them have been labeled conspiracy theorists for suggesting that our government would do such a thing.

  10. no, its the plan. That’s i think the article i referenced in this..that was october 2006….he wanted funds for I-69 extension in march 2007.
    as you said, he voted against the final bill. I’d like to see what he has to say about it is all.

  11. JL says:

    maybe it will come up in the you tube debate. most likely not. I’m sure they’ll pick the important questions like “do you believe in evolution?”

    you will not find a politician more opposed to NAFTA

  12. yeah, or something about christianity. Like that’s relevant.

    I’ll check that you tube out. I hate to, but i will

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