Things of interest

  The whole Pakistan thing just gets worse.  Al Queda’s number 2 called for a holy war against the Musharraf regime.

We really need to pay more attention to this.;_ylt=As6fUpke5gO3.QoPFX3LF.8L1vAI

this one really bothers me.  Elephants have enough issues (they’re large, its hard to find nice shoes, mice freak them out) without humans killing them for the hell of it and a little bit of ivory.

  Dear george bush, you frigging maniac.  The Iraqi government has given you a way out, and you appear to dumb to take it.  Take a read of this, and try to get your priorities straight.  Oh wait, you know this.  So if Al Qaeda was the original enemy, and they are as  strong as they were, and are raising hell in afghanistan and pakistan….uhhhh….why not let the Iraqi’s deal with their own political crapfest, and get back on point.  You really look dumb here, bud.

I only do this one because my readers are mostly to young to remember Jim Morrison.  He was the incredibly talentless, drug addicted leader of The Doors, who chicks thought was hot so they made millions which they then spent on drugs until dipstick here died of an OD.   (MSNBC and I…wasting your time)

These stories show up more and more often.  I’m not sure if it’s acase of me paying more attention, man is somehow affecting their habitat, or if McDonalds is about to launch a new weight watchers Calamari sandwich.  (CNN, keeping up with the koneses…and the yahoo’s…and the googles)

  So the John Conyers led fiasco is begun.  Lets pick on the women first.  Women who set no policy, but since we can’t get the fish we want, lets threaten these former employees with contempt of congress.  Which is funny, because if theire is any group of people in America thats worth being contemptuous toward, it’s these analbrains.  It is just more you did it so we’re going to do it.  Every time there is a power shift we do this instead of moving forward. (Fox wasting your time, congress wasting your money, and me wasting my breath),2933,289003,00.html

the “Well That Was Dumb, but it’s Still Trivial” award goes here.  I don’t want to laugh, but holy jumpin jesus gonzales perez christo this was dumb,2933,288918,00.html


15 Responses to Things of interest

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  2. mdvp says:

    ^^ Apparently they like you at that place, how much did you pay them?

    And a calamari sandwich sounds better than most of the stuff at McDonald’s.

  3. i think its a spam site, but it’s for colleges so maybe the young can be informed..

    yes it does, but i think squid drifting up on the beach may be a little rank

    hello MDVP

  4. mdvp says:

    Yes, but think of all the calamari it could produce…


  5. I don’t really like calamari… but i’ve only had it at an itelain restaurant in evansville, where they also believe all steak should burn in the fires of hell. It was rubbery.

  6. mdvp says:

    It’s always like that. I used to eat calamari all the time, and I still have it occasionaly. Do you mean they like their steak well-done, or they don’t like steak?

  7. they think it should be blackened. I had no idea italians were just european cajuns-

  8. mdvp says:

    Watch it, I’m Italian, and the depth of Italian culinary arts far surpasses that of Cajun.

  9. i think you just say your all these things. How could you possibly be a catholic, baptist ron paul loving fred thompson follwer with conservative liberal beliefs? I’m just not buying it

  10. mdvp says:

    I’ll assume your trying to make me angry again. I’m not, which is proof that I don’t love Ron paul. I am not insisting that you let me save you or bible thumping so I am not a Baptist. Conservative and liberal mean the same thing in some countries so I can have conservative liberal beliefs, which I do not anyway. I am, however, an Italian Catholic Conservative Fredhead. Four reasons why the wise do not incur my wrath.

    I think the real double standard person here is you. That’s right. Take a stand on the grape color issue and stop avoiding the press. You know you are.

  11. chuckle…thank you MD…first good laugh of the day.
    I am avoiding no one. I’m waiting for fred to announce, and then the next day I’m holding the Grape Party lovefest.

  12. mdvp says:

    You’d better not. It might overshadow the Fred announcement… just like I might be struck by lighting and turn into a pinko lefty tommorow. Anyway, I’m talking about the green/purple divide. Choose your side soon, or I might just realease those videos… you know the ones I’m talking about (that’s one of my favorite vague threats, it almost always works for some reason.)

  13. unfortunately for you I am pure as the driven snow, and the video with me and woody woodpecker doing strange things is a fake.

    and i’m purple…till something better comes along. what’s really sad is I might well be a better president than any of them. Too bad about all those felonies

  14. mdvp says:

    How easily we forget Reagan.

  15. I’m not voting for a dead guy…some of the folks in my new post can be talked into it I’m betting. I think i got everone in this one. I’m feeling kind of proud. I even used catholic in a sentence.

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