6 a.m. hateful

t.v is on

barry bonds can kiss my ass

george bush can kiss my ass

each and every nitwit on fox and friends can kiss my ass

i hope this guy gets the chair for that.

go ahead..raise my fuckin taxes.

Roscoe is so lucky I don’t tend toward kicking things

it rained again….flue riser is a term you should learn if you ever want to experience true 6 a.m. hateful

goodbye   good riddance

get lost

2 Responses to 6 a.m. hateful

  1. mdvp says:

    Didn’t you just say you don’t get angry? I’m sensing a lot of hostility here. The funny tag doesn’t help.

  2. oh…i thought it did. Hostility is not anger. I was uite calm in fact.

    good to see you MD

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