It’s not the system…it’s the electorate

I know, but if people could only blog about what they really think, most blogs would have only 3 or 4 words, and a lot of toenail picking going on.  I give a lot of the politicians crap.  I decry the value of the pundit as leadership icon, and the talking heads I chastise as vociferously as possible as the despoilers of our society.  Unfortunately, the voters are the reason this country is so incredibly jacked up.

Let’s start with my favorites, the pauliacs.  They actually represent a lot larger segment of society than their incredibly inflated blog numbers would suggest.  They are partly aware of whats going on in the world around them.  Not a bad thing.   A few of them are open to honest discourse, and in fact I’ve had at least three say that Ron’s behaviour on a certain issue I’ve posted was “troubling.”  I get a lot of Ron Paul hits.  3.  3. 3. Willing to think they’re guy might have behaved inproperly. 

   Being close minded is not a new thing, nor is it a rare thing.  It’s what politicians crave.  slavish devotion to hyperbolic rhetoric is a must if you want a stable base.  What intrigues me about the Pauliacs, is the rhetoric is self generating.  Ron is a little on the modest side, and is not prone to pitching his resume around.  He has been vocal about his non-interventionist beliefs, but other than that he’s been a fairly quiet guy.  Not his followers.  They don’t care what he does he is right, and they are more than happy to let you know it.

   They aren’t the worst to me.  Nor are the apathetic masses that consistently decide not to vote.  Or, maybe, never even give it a thought.  Too busy, to bored, to lazy, or to disinterested to be bothered with electing one more person that will disappoint them on a daily basis for at least the next 4 years.  I can not begin to count the number of times I have heard “damn elections…i can’t buy beer until 6 o’clock.”

The ones that really flat out make me dysfunctional are the ones that vote and have no idea what they are voting for.  They see someone that looks presidential, or some highly polished sphincter muscle tells them on the news who to vote for, or they accept as a given that if the person is a member of their party he fits their beliefs.  These are the ones that are destroying society.  They think for whatever reason that Ann Coulter’s picture would look nice on the gunrack so they take the advice of this entertainer, or they think al franken is a hoot (that should be a hanging offense in itself) so they vote for his guy. Congresswoman Julia Carson IN has been elected several times , quite simply because she is black.  She has no qualifications, no particular charisma, no special knowledge of the issues, but she comes from a predominantly black district.  that’s hardly a reaosn to vote for someone, and I’m willing to venture that she does more harm than good.  Not because she is black, but because she was elected because she was black.  The same thing happens over and over and over.  This catholic borough votes in this catholic idiot, and this jewish neighborhood votes for this jewish alderman.

It will never change.  We don’t have the desire for it to change.  We don’t have a passion to do the work that will make the change.  We want to ride a horse like Ron Paul to change.  We don’t want to raise a bunch of horses at the local level.  That would be a lot of work and take a lot of time.  It is also the only way to true change in our government.  It’s do the work, or let the money choose. Rather let the money tell you who you should choose since you are to ignorant to ecide on your own.

   Now since I’m probably labeled a racist let me take it one step further.  We need a test for voters.  You need to take a test to drive a car, to get out of high school, to enter college, to get in the military.  Yet you don’t need to take a test to choose the leadership of our country.?  that’s just wrong.

There…now i’m not a racist….now i hate everyone equally.

19 Responses to It’s not the system…it’s the electorate

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  2. Anita Marie says:

    Hell Criminy you’re not racists- you’re more like a anti-dummy-ist

    Anyway,I say that EVERYONE SHOULD have to pass this test- no pass.. no voter card.


  3. hi anita…i’ve been checking your blog, and no new stuff. *poke*

    there was a time when we needed the voter laws we have…not anymore…now we need proof of sentience.

    thanks for coming by

  4. sobiop says:

    “highly polished sphincter muscle”

    That is so funny! And so sadly and disparately true.


  5. hi sobiop

    i know…

    thanks for coming by

  6. Conundrum says:

    People who can’t think beyond what someone else tells them to think…exhaust me.

    And people who only vote for one party blindly are…oh, I don’t know…stupid?

    While we are on the subject of taking a test how about passing a test to get pregnant. Some people just should not be propagating. Period.

    Well, isn’t this fine – it is Friday the 13th and I’m depressed. Mostly because you are so right and it is so sad we’ve come to this.

    I usually love Friday. I’m going to have a drink – it must be 5 PM somewhere already.

  7. mdvp says:

    Er… a *friendly* piece of advice: limit your vocabulary next time. “Slavic,” as just one example, is a race. While it is possile you wanted to provoke well over half of Eastern Europe (plus diaspora), try slavish, if you mean ‘in the manner of a slave.’ 🙂

    Nice article, besides stuff like that. Not sure I like how the Catholic candidate is an idiot and the Jewish guy is an alderman, but I suppose I’ll have to deal with it.

  8. wow…it sure is…I’d claim typo, but I’m not sure it was. you got me.

    The catholic candidate was an idiot good sir, because thou art catholic, and catholic alderman had no chance of raising your blood pressure.

  9. hi conundrum. Nothing to be depressed about. Apathy is the ruination of every great society sooner or later. That or decadence, andwe have a lions share of both. enjoy your drink, it’s always 5 o’clock.

  10. mdvp says:

    Hey, I’m dieing soon enough according to your death clock without you trying to speed up the process.

  11. i forget….i’ll try to temper my catholic baiting…maybe

  12. anita…i went and took the test.. i got one more write than the people who wrote it…they still have Rehnquist…it’s now roberts

  13. mdvp says:

    I loved how that test said it’s different for every state and for California it’s Barbara Boxer and Feinstein.

    They just came right out and said it, no ‘for example’ or anything. Sounds like they were implying something about the citizenship of Californians.

  14. i think it was a sample test for there. How’d yuh do? i think you got em all right, but i’ve been wrong before

  15. Anita Marie says:

    You know it wouldn’t be fair for me to say I got them all right- because I help people study for this.

    So I better get them right or – jeeze it would just be bad.

    Anyhoo, this is a sample test, for some reason the links I usually go to were down.


  16. it seemed sort of basic to me, but I bet it’s a bear to someone didn’t grow up with it.

  17. Anita Marie says:

    I was working on some lesson plans and I let some of my co-workers take the test.

    Um…the results were not good.

    But what I found interesting is that the people who paid attention to politics ( didn’t matter which party they were with ) or the ones who paid attention to currant events could really sail through these.

    The rest- ahem.

  18. mdvp says:

    I got most of them right. I said to kill the Indians for 55. I thought we were a democracy, so I guess I got 78 wrong. And ‘be a waste of a building in New York’ wasn’t one of the correst answers for 82.

  19. geeez…man you kill me…your delivery on this stuff is incredible.

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