watch me pull a barrel of oil out of this hat

July 14, 2007

  George you retard.  what are you thinking.  This camelbanger Maliki says we can leave whenever we want.  Pay attention here big fella. WE WANT.  They’re ready for doom.  They know that no matter how long we stay they are doomed to die horrible deaths on the shifting sands of the Muddle East (not a typo).  We can’t win this, they can’t survive this, so let’s quit putting off the inevitable.  I know it bites to be wrong.  I hate it to.  Yet when you have the temerity to think you can pull down the only powerful secular leader in a region full of oil and extremism, you kind of have to expect to fail.  Going in was a mistake.  Staying in once the leader they chose says you may go is, dare I say it? Anti-American.

     Ron Paul declares that the U.S. will not declare war on Iran, but will rather trick them into a confrontation.  I like Ron’s position on many things, but realize that he is a waste of time.  He has the ability to ensure a democrat wins the presidency, but his myopic libertarian stance is sure to make him unelectable.  I read an interesting peice on libertarians that all political junkies should read.  Duck, here comes the LINK.  Do not judge a book by its cover.  This post is well written, factual, and the title and name of the blog just add a little humor.

wag the dog.  Here is a tip for some of you that just like international intrigue.  It’s not real factual stuff.  I’ve been reading it for awhile.  It’s amazing how the internet can have an impact on what is at best a minor issue.  type Iranian oil bourse in your browser, and enjoy the tale.

the blog is doing well.  I likely post to often, but it’s mine, I’ll play with it if i want.  I first used that argument when i was 13 and was in the bathroom and…nevermind.  I found a new site I like. the pic caught my eye, and then what the blogger was doing piqued my interest.  It’s well done, and fun so what the hell.  Go look at the pic if you do nothing else.

 Since I haven’t dug up many new decent blogs let me pitch a couple things i’ve found on some old ones.

  Anita is at it again with her unfinished stories.  what a concept.  Let the reader torture themselves about how it ends.  I really liked this one.

MDVP is on hiatus over at forest opine while he works on his islamo-magnum-opus.  A fun thing to do while he is away is to read his hiatus post backwards.  It will make Al Gore appear in hologram in your bathroom.

  If you ever wander past celluloid blonde, and you scroll like 86 feet down to the bottom, there is a little tab marked Random Blonde.  You won’t like everything you find there, and some of you may not like it at all.  I personally highly recommend it for its variety, brevity, and creativity.  the pictures are great, the storytelling emotional, and the blurbs sometimes outrageous.  Take the post apocalyptic you quiz while you’re there.

  Roscoe the wonder bunny has a new collar and leash.  i have belled the bunny.  It’s my version of the sexual predator registry.  now when he wants a little ankle time I’ll here him coming.

That takes care of this week in my world.  Oh yeah, 6 a.m. hateful has been well received.  I’m not doing it on the weekends because who wants to hear that crap on their days off.

no work for you

July 14, 2007

  Today was supposed to be a workday, but I blew it off.  Well, not really.  I got in my car, and you know how your car will do that rrr rrr rr thing when it’s cranking over, but has no real intention of starting?  Mine didn’t do that.  When I turned the key mine did nothing.  I was confused by this, because if there is one thing I’m good at it’s keeping a piece of crap car running.

   I’m not your typical male when it comes to cars.  I don’t much care for them.  To me they are like any tool.  they serve a purpose, and they aren’t worth investing yourself in them.  You use a hammer to drive a nail, a woman to have an argument, and a car to get from point A to point B.  I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on them, and I don’t mind that they usually require more maintenance than a Harley Davidson.  It gives me something to do with all the time on my hands. 3 kids, a rabbit, a dog, a job, this stupid blog, and more damn safety classes than I even knew existed fail to use up all 20 waking hours of the day, and the car is utilized for that left over time.

   I popped the hood, and lo and behold, something was amiss. To wit, my battery was missing.  Apparently someone needed a battetry in the middle of the night, and being thoughtful decided it would be impolite to wake me and ask for it. I don’t lock my car.  Theory being if I do they will just break the window if they want something.  So far that insidious “they” have stolen the floor mats, the stereo, and now the battery.  That still doesn’t equal the cost of one window, so my theory is winnning the +/- expenditure battle.  Pain in the ass though.

    I confess this didn’t cause me to miss work.  I have a battery in the basement, and they take about 5 minutes to install.  I would have been late though, and whether 5 minutes or 2 hours late, you lose a half a point.  I decided I might as well use the whole two hours, and went back inside to crash for an hour.

   That’s one of my talents.  I can sleep standing up, laying down, sitting on a cactus, you name it, i can sleep there.  Almost instantly too.  When I woke from my nap it occurred to me, since I’m losing a half a point, why not make a day of it, and lose a whole point.  What a fantastic idea my innner sloth said, and so I called in.

My boss is a wonderfully funny human, who took some delight in my tale of the absent battery.  He then said something along the lines of “you are so full of shit.  you just don’t want to work today.”  My reply was along the lines of “damn, you’re good, but the battery thing was true.”  So we made a deal that I would work tomorrow, and i would lose no points.

works for me. I like working on sunday because it gives me a good excuse for not attending church.  Like I need something better than I don’t wish to.

Ron Paul Did Not Warn of Staged Terror Attacks

July 14, 2007

  The way the question was asked allows that misconception to leap onto the pages of blogs everywhere.  What Ron Paul did was not address that point at all.  The interviewer should be basted with liquidated lard and beaten with rubber truncheons for his incredibly bad interview style, but Ron isn’t guilty of that offense.  He did spazz out and warn of an Impending “Gulf of Tonkin” style incident involving Iran. 

Iran is problematic.  Their president is a former member of the student group that kidnapped American Embassy employees in 1979.  They slapped the Carter administration around for over a year while playing “gunpoint” politics on a world stage made possible by liberalisms almost kneejerk reaction to coddle any group of psychopaths.  Their desire to let extremists suckle at their bosom has long propped up terrorist organizations, and now it appears the libertarian movement has joined the crowd. 

  So, what we have is a candidate for president lending cover to an islamic-extremist government.  He can say he is against our government interjecting itself in foreign matters, but he appears to be doing exactly that.  There is little doubt, even in the extreme left wing media that Iran is investing itself heavily in the war in Iraq.  They have long sought to attain oil rich areas of Iraq, and in fact fought a war over disputed territories with the former Hussein regime.  They failed against Saddam, and now are salivating all over themselves in anticipation of an American withdrawal.

    Ahmadinejad is no fool.  Ron Paul might be.  He is aiding the enemy when he acts like Iran does no wrong. He is propping up his political ambitions with fear mongering rhetoric.  It is likely to backfire, because Iran has no desire to enter into open conflict with the U.S., and the Bush administration is very unlikely to initiate open hostilities with them. Ron’s claim that we are setting up a Golf of Tonkin style incident has two huge flaws politically. First, while the Gulf of Tonkin incident was overblown, the Maddox was attacked, so the initial reports of the incident did occur.  Iran is not going to openly attack a U.S. warship. They are not as stupid as the pauliacs want them to be.  They are just psychotic, a much more dangerous animal, it’s true, but easier to understand. Second, the U.S. has to attack Iran for Ron Paul not to look like a raving spank monkey, and they just aren’t going to.

   So for all you pauliacs that want to do the semantic arguments about that interview, go snuggle up to your conspiracy theories, and watch as your fearless leaders drags his candidacy into oblivion with this nonsense. 

Ron…please..I was just starting to like you

July 14, 2007

  Every time I start thinking I might vote for this guy, like when I look at my income tax deductins, he opens his mouth and says something really moronic.  No he didn’t say the blue hairs of parakwat7 are going to invade us in their long cigar shaped spaceships.  He didn’t say that his astrologer had helped him talk to Abe Lincoln and Abe told him he had been wrong about States Rights.

what he did was close though.  He said in a radio interview that the government was going to incite a war through a Gulf of Tonkin style provocation.   Here’s the link btw. 

First, only democrats do that sort of thing, and second Iran really is involved in Iraq.  What you need to ask yourself is why wouldn’t they be?  Us mired in Iraq is good for Iran…it’s that simple.

I’ll grant that Chertoff’s gut feeling is hardly a reason to build a bunker, but a lot of experts are saying an attack is likely. Now, in case their is a pan-global conspiracy to make Bush look good, and therefore make Ron Paul’s standing drop (how’s that work btw) then they are better at it this time than they ever have been before.  The only people think this is going on is the random whacked in the head blogger, and Ron Paul.  It inspires the pauliacs so it’s hard to blame the guy, but I have a tip for him.  Looking like you have lost another of your all to few marbles is not going to broaden your base.  Unless an attack occurs, and you can prove it was our government that instigated it.  Good luck with that, numbnuts.

this info comes courtesy of MDVP

Queen Witch and the Jester

July 14, 2007

  A blog pal just brought me this link, and I thought you folks would enjoy it

   Now I know that Ms. Clinton and Mr. Edwards were only trying to make sure the people got to hear what was important.  Them.  It’s not often you can see two people in that arena with inflated ego’s, especially liberals who are known for their inclusiveness and civility.  Especially at an NAACP event, an organization that opens its arms to all races colors and creeds.

   What rankles a little is that they said it while they thought nobody could hear.  What they should have done is approached the lectern together, and without any introduction plainly stated that they thought having the rest of the candidates speak was a waste of time, and that they would feel better about if the other voices were stifled so that their agenda could be expounded on in greater detail.

  That would have at least showed integrity.  Insteasd they look like a couple of conspiratorial, backstabbing whineasses, which incidentally they have both proven themselves to be.

   If there was ever a more elitist conversation overheard between two more elitist thinking conservative candidates I would love to hear about it.  I hope the voters understand exactly how important the insight this gives them on these two candidares is.  The patriot act is no where near as invasive a violation of our rights as citizens, as their desire to silence their oopponents would be if it were carried out.

 Besides, these two just plain suck.  this is like lesson learned #687 on both of them.


Why there aren’t more anti- Ron Paul blogs

July 14, 2007

   Man, I want to make this a humor peice because so few of the pauliacs have any sense of humor, but it deserves to be handled with some degree of decorum.  I saw the above title on one of my search engine hits, and gave it a little thought.  With a brain the size of a frogs, you can’t give much more than a little thought to something without forgetting to breathe.  I started turning blue so I stopped thinking, and started typing.

   Why aren’t there?  I can come up with several reasons.  Let’s start with the one that will cause a pauliac smooch fest on my blog.  There just isn’t that much wrong with the guy.  I mean, not much that they can’t justify with that ever credible phrase “it’s not in the constitution, so I voted against it.”  It’s incredibly good cover.   There are flaws to the reasoning, and I’ve discussed them here before.  I was a little vilified for being a non believer, but i don’t believe in astrology, tarot, and George Bush either, so it bothered me not.

  Another good explanation is that the best way to bring attention to someone is to criticize them.  Ron Paul is the Mike Gravel of the republican candidates.  Did you watch Mike Gravel chew up and spit out the other democrats on the debate? they didn’t argue with him.  They folded their hands and smiled no matter how he attacked their records.  Why?  For the same reason girls ignore you guys when you walk up to them, and start talking to them in a bar.  Because if you ignore someone they may go away.  Those competing with Ron don’t want him getting noticed.  All publicity is good publicity for Ron.  Even me.

   another good bet is that the blog world appears to be either apathetic or liberal for the most part.  So, they either don’t care, or they don’t dislike him.  Ron Paul is someone the democrats think they can beat handily because they think he is about a turnip shy of a truckload.  They don’t blog against him because they don’t know he hates them.

   My last plausible cause for the lack of anti Paul blogs  is they require work.  I write about Paul maybe one post out of five on the average.  There just isn’t that much out there that you don’t have to work to find.  He only releases the feel good Ron Paul is the messiah crap on his blog, and the news organizations say as little as possible about him.  People are lazy.  You want an easy cheesy punching bag you nail Clinton or Romney.  They have plenty of history to attack, and all Ron has is his whole anti-government thing.

   Well, you can zap his followers pretty good.  Most of them appear to be thumbsuckers, and mouth breathers, with the occassional thumbsucking, mouth breathing militiamen thrown in.  Although I did meet an anti-zionist (self proclaimed) muslim who loves the guy.  His blog is at ahmed Ismael I believe…check out oldephartintraining if you want to find ahmed.