Ron Paul Did Not Warn of Staged Terror Attacks

  The way the question was asked allows that misconception to leap onto the pages of blogs everywhere.  What Ron Paul did was not address that point at all.  The interviewer should be basted with liquidated lard and beaten with rubber truncheons for his incredibly bad interview style, but Ron isn’t guilty of that offense.  He did spazz out and warn of an Impending “Gulf of Tonkin” style incident involving Iran. 

Iran is problematic.  Their president is a former member of the student group that kidnapped American Embassy employees in 1979.  They slapped the Carter administration around for over a year while playing “gunpoint” politics on a world stage made possible by liberalisms almost kneejerk reaction to coddle any group of psychopaths.  Their desire to let extremists suckle at their bosom has long propped up terrorist organizations, and now it appears the libertarian movement has joined the crowd. 

  So, what we have is a candidate for president lending cover to an islamic-extremist government.  He can say he is against our government interjecting itself in foreign matters, but he appears to be doing exactly that.  There is little doubt, even in the extreme left wing media that Iran is investing itself heavily in the war in Iraq.  They have long sought to attain oil rich areas of Iraq, and in fact fought a war over disputed territories with the former Hussein regime.  They failed against Saddam, and now are salivating all over themselves in anticipation of an American withdrawal.

    Ahmadinejad is no fool.  Ron Paul might be.  He is aiding the enemy when he acts like Iran does no wrong. He is propping up his political ambitions with fear mongering rhetoric.  It is likely to backfire, because Iran has no desire to enter into open conflict with the U.S., and the Bush administration is very unlikely to initiate open hostilities with them. Ron’s claim that we are setting up a Golf of Tonkin style incident has two huge flaws politically. First, while the Gulf of Tonkin incident was overblown, the Maddox was attacked, so the initial reports of the incident did occur.  Iran is not going to openly attack a U.S. warship. They are not as stupid as the pauliacs want them to be.  They are just psychotic, a much more dangerous animal, it’s true, but easier to understand. Second, the U.S. has to attack Iran for Ron Paul not to look like a raving spank monkey, and they just aren’t going to.

   So for all you pauliacs that want to do the semantic arguments about that interview, go snuggle up to your conspiracy theories, and watch as your fearless leaders drags his candidacy into oblivion with this nonsense. 


19 Responses to Ron Paul Did Not Warn of Staged Terror Attacks

  1. tsoldrin says:

    I think this is the first blog post I’ve seen that was correct in the assertion that Paul certainly did not warn of a ‘staged’ terror attack. Then you had to go and ruin it with some loose assertions…

    Iran has not long sought to attain oil rich areas of Iraq. Iran has it’s own oil and they can’t even refine it themselves. Beyond that though, they just like Saudi Arabia are making out like bandits by the U.S. being in Iraq because by disrupting the Iraqi oil supply we make theirs more valuable.

    Finally, it’s not that Iran has done no wrong, it’s that Iran is no threat to US. Ahmadinejad himself is extremely unpopular and if we weren’t playing scare tactics with their country, he’d be ousted almost instantly. In a nutshell, Bush is keeping Ahmadinejad in office and thereby perpetuating a continuous nightmare scenario of being on the brink of global conflict.

  2. John Howard says:

    “…watch as your fearless leaders drags his candidacy into oblivion with this nonsense. ”

    OK, watching….

  3. hi Tsoldrin. Thats the first thing i’ve ever read by you that I thought was wrong. Iran has for years been in dispute with Iraq over border areas, including along the gulf. As far as refining capabilitiesand shipping they would love to take the Shaat al arab site. They als o use a lot of their own oil and are probably not more than 15 years from being an import oil only nation

    I don’t disagree that they are right this second in time no particular threat to us if we were not in Iraq. The problem with psychipaths is you have to look at more than just this second in time.
    bush is not keepin Ahmadinejad in office. The people of Iran have long been pro america, but the people that run Iran are not, have not been and will not be.
    thanks for coming by

  4. hello Ron

    would you like some popcorn? It’s reallly funny right now, but in an actual race for president…this stuff is going to kill him.

    thanks for coming by

  5. […] Clark Link to Article ron paul Ron Paul Did Not Warn of Staged Terror Attacks » Posted at because I […]

  6. Anita Marie says:

    “The talk must stop. We must secure our borders now”- Ron Paul

    I agree- we should give Texas back to Mexico ASAP. If they won’t take it I say we fork over Arizona too. But not New Mexico- I like Rosewell.
    Anyway, it’s like a dog, if you can’t care for it and train it proper give it to someone who can.


  7. mdvp says:

    criminy, if i didn’t know you and I read this article, i’d say you were a conservative. “Aiding the enemy… ” music to my ears.

    tsoldrin: If the Iranians are gonna oust Iran they’d better get on with it pretty soon, because I don’t think their protests have stopped Iran from being a threat quite yet (immediately to our allies, at least, and our forces in Iraq.) I think Ron Paul would be a good leader on the Iran issue, though. I’m sure Ahmedinejad will understand once Ron Paul explains to him that we have an isolationist policy and they are not allowed to nuke us.

  8. Conundrum says:

    I live in DC where the phrase “all politics is local” plays out agonizingly and daily in the news with the capitol shenanigans (see wikipedia) and the 1600 PA Avenue machinations (see btw – I choose those words regardless of the party of the occupant.

    I don’t know Ron Paul from a package of tofu or an IED – but I must say that I find reading your Ron Paul and Pauliacs discussions to be a facinating experience from outside my paradigm.

    We in DC have only a non-voting delegate in the House and nothing in the senate so we enjoy what is locally termed “Taxation without Representation”. Some people might remember that term from history classes on the American Revolution.

    It is interesting to see a conservative Republican member of Congress taken to task in his own district with at least a hint of the…hmm…challenge (?)…not disdain…agony, no…vitriol, maybe…derision, not quite…. gleefully bitter abandon, close…that is thrown at liberals on a national level.

    Somehow both liberal and conservative have become evil four letter words. The pendulum doesn’t seem to meet the middle ground much anymore – it only swings far left and far right.

    I enjoy what you write – you motivate me to ponder.

    And this from a guy who worked on the Nixon campaign because I liked his international diplomacy and respects Hillary because she had the guts to tackle the health care debacle as first lady. I’m such a pollyanna sometimes.

  9. oh Anita, I have said that so many times there is a bounty on me in Texas. *L*
    wonderfully put.

  10. MD: unfortunately, to the incredibly ignorant layman that I am, what I heard was Ron Paul making political hay on what should never be a political field….

  11. hey con…i liked Nixon. sure he had a blindspot…those pesky recording devices, but he did get us out of vietnam, another one of those wars the lefties led us into.

    I know, all you dickweeds that want to say Ford did it…ford never did anything, not even get elected. The only thing Ford ever did was be so pathetic that idiot carter was able to beat him

  12. mdvp says:

    Interestingly enough on a related topic, I got a search hit for “ron paul will be killed.” I don’t know if the guy knows something we don’t, but nonetheless, it’s an interesting enough idea…


  13. whooops…political candidate killing is generally a taboo topic here. funny as hell though.

  14. Frank says:

    “the Bush administration is very unlikely to initiate open hostilities with them(Iran).”

    Congratulations on writing the dumbest thing I’ve read all month.

  15. hi Frank, and thank you. A pauliac saying I said something stupid is the highest form of praise. I’m probably looking at a Pultizer.

    thanks for dropping by.

    oh, wanna bet?

  16. mdvp says:

    No, that was coy talk about vaguely possibly maybe/maybe not candidate killing. The difference is that the latter can be explained away to a DA if they get involved, as they are wont to do. 🙂

  17. good clarification /coverage i could use an attorney

  18. Warren says:

    The US now has 3 nuclear carrier fleets in the Persian Gulf. Iran has captured a British naval vessel and attempted to take an Australian one for coming near/into their territorial waters. Considering that Iran has equal or less military strength to Argentina (Britain won the Falklands war), they certainly by all accounts shouldn’t have attacked the British vessel. You are saying that Iran wouldn’t attack an American vessel which strayed (un)intentionally near/into Iranian waters, but perhaps its more possible that you’ve given credit for?

  19. hi warren..if ifs and buts were candy and nuts then everyday would be christmas. I think both sides would like to avoid confrontation for their own reasons. I think if iran is attacked it would be by one of our surrogates, and yes, i’d bet against it happening before the 2008 elections

    it would have global catastrophic implications, but then what do i know…i’m just not as prone to think everyone is as stupid as most pauliacs do.

    thanks for coming by

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