watch me pull a barrel of oil out of this hat

  George you retard.  what are you thinking.  This camelbanger Maliki says we can leave whenever we want.  Pay attention here big fella. WE WANT.  They’re ready for doom.  They know that no matter how long we stay they are doomed to die horrible deaths on the shifting sands of the Muddle East (not a typo).  We can’t win this, they can’t survive this, so let’s quit putting off the inevitable.  I know it bites to be wrong.  I hate it to.  Yet when you have the temerity to think you can pull down the only powerful secular leader in a region full of oil and extremism, you kind of have to expect to fail.  Going in was a mistake.  Staying in once the leader they chose says you may go is, dare I say it? Anti-American.

     Ron Paul declares that the U.S. will not declare war on Iran, but will rather trick them into a confrontation.  I like Ron’s position on many things, but realize that he is a waste of time.  He has the ability to ensure a democrat wins the presidency, but his myopic libertarian stance is sure to make him unelectable.  I read an interesting peice on libertarians that all political junkies should read.  Duck, here comes the LINK.  Do not judge a book by its cover.  This post is well written, factual, and the title and name of the blog just add a little humor.

wag the dog.  Here is a tip for some of you that just like international intrigue.  It’s not real factual stuff.  I’ve been reading it for awhile.  It’s amazing how the internet can have an impact on what is at best a minor issue.  type Iranian oil bourse in your browser, and enjoy the tale.

the blog is doing well.  I likely post to often, but it’s mine, I’ll play with it if i want.  I first used that argument when i was 13 and was in the bathroom and…nevermind.  I found a new site I like. the pic caught my eye, and then what the blogger was doing piqued my interest.  It’s well done, and fun so what the hell.  Go look at the pic if you do nothing else.

 Since I haven’t dug up many new decent blogs let me pitch a couple things i’ve found on some old ones.

  Anita is at it again with her unfinished stories.  what a concept.  Let the reader torture themselves about how it ends.  I really liked this one.

MDVP is on hiatus over at forest opine while he works on his islamo-magnum-opus.  A fun thing to do while he is away is to read his hiatus post backwards.  It will make Al Gore appear in hologram in your bathroom.

  If you ever wander past celluloid blonde, and you scroll like 86 feet down to the bottom, there is a little tab marked Random Blonde.  You won’t like everything you find there, and some of you may not like it at all.  I personally highly recommend it for its variety, brevity, and creativity.  the pictures are great, the storytelling emotional, and the blurbs sometimes outrageous.  Take the post apocalyptic you quiz while you’re there.

  Roscoe the wonder bunny has a new collar and leash.  i have belled the bunny.  It’s my version of the sexual predator registry.  now when he wants a little ankle time I’ll here him coming.

That takes care of this week in my world.  Oh yeah, 6 a.m. hateful has been well received.  I’m not doing it on the weekends because who wants to hear that crap on their days off.


19 Responses to watch me pull a barrel of oil out of this hat

  1. mdvp says:

    Crap, I didn’t notice that, I’ll have to edit it. And now I feel bad cause it’s no magnum opus and I don’t want to disappoint anyone… I feel better about it now, that was longer than usual.

  2. yes because al gore appearing in your bathroom is a bad bad thing…edit fast my friend

  3. mdvp says:

    Why, what… never mind, I don’t want to know. On another not, I noticed you’ve finally made an MDVP tag. I saw that I was missing in the ‘Shake the tree’ one, but held my tongue.

  4. you were not…you were the second one. i was extremely careful not to leave you out..your voice needs to be heard. The bartender at O’malley’s says so, and I’m not pissing him off for anything

  5. 3rd one…my bad…you need to read me much more carefully. *LOL*

  6. […] Clark Link to Article ron paul watch me pull a barrel of oil out of this hat » Posted at because I […]

  7. mdvp says:

    No I mean tags, Like oyu tagged max for shake the tree.

    The bartender at O’Malley’s… That does sound familiar… Tell him thanks anyway.

  8. shoot, dawg, i know next to nothing about how this crap works. I just write, and figure it out as i go. I think tagging max was the first time i tagged anyone…it was practice.

  9. Anita Marie says:

    Hi Criminy!
    thanks for the Link- you’re sweet, one of these days I’ll truly end a story with ” The End ” just for you.

    And Thompson Guy! Can’t say I agree with your stuff but I really enjoyed your writing- it’s very well done

    Now it’s back to the Net for me..


  10. oh you will not anita. you wouldn’t know how. *s*

  11. Anita Marie says:

    Ah, hope springs eternal Criminy.
    That’s what I’ve heard anyway.

  12. no anita, you heard wrong…its “dopes spring eternally” and man its the truth

  13. Anita Marie says:

    Well there’s another one for the bumper sticker collection.


  14. my claim to fame..i write good bumper stickers. *L*

  15. I think you may be going a little far in suggesting that *all* political junkies should read Mr. Calhoon’s blog. I thought it rambled somewhat, though I will say that I am no friend to the libertarian, and even agree with him that the libertarian stance on national defense is a serious shortcoming. You might be interested in a recent post called “Oil and the Doomers’ Dire Predicitons.” Click the red “antisocialist” up there on your left. Nice blog.

  16. hi anti…i shall do so…i recommend sites that are entertaining, intelligent, and generally fun to read. There is enough boring crap out there to feed the dull normal masses.

    thanks for coming by

  17. Conundrum says:

    Pay attention here big fella. WE WANT.

    oh, yeah. Perfectly written Criminy. if only our little buddy in the oval office could get a clue.

    Isn’t it annoying that the US has the greatest military power in the word but the inability to win a war? With the debacle in Iraq the talk of Iran makes me shiver. Mr. Bush’s Axis of Evil – he picked for attack the only one without nuclear weapons or WMD. Smooth move W.

    $450 billion spent… Isn’t spent a synonym for exhausted?

  18. mdvp says:

    Thanks Anita… I’m realistic, no way my views are gonna be universally popular, but as long as I look good disagreeing with you. 😉

  19. hi con It’s because we enter into these borderline issue wars. Or, I should say we overreach, and turn them into borderline issues. Had we targeted al qaeda wherever they went we could have maintained support longer. Had we driven the stake through the heart of Iraq, we could have had ticker tape parades. We have bad leaders. It’s that simple, and its our (the voters) fault…and thats likely a low estimate on the dinero

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