Why there aren’t more anti- Ron Paul blogs

   Man, I want to make this a humor peice because so few of the pauliacs have any sense of humor, but it deserves to be handled with some degree of decorum.  I saw the above title on one of my search engine hits, and gave it a little thought.  With a brain the size of a frogs, you can’t give much more than a little thought to something without forgetting to breathe.  I started turning blue so I stopped thinking, and started typing.

   Why aren’t there?  I can come up with several reasons.  Let’s start with the one that will cause a pauliac smooch fest on my blog.  There just isn’t that much wrong with the guy.  I mean, not much that they can’t justify with that ever credible phrase “it’s not in the constitution, so I voted against it.”  It’s incredibly good cover.   There are flaws to the reasoning, and I’ve discussed them here before.  I was a little vilified for being a non believer, but i don’t believe in astrology, tarot, and George Bush either, so it bothered me not.

  Another good explanation is that the best way to bring attention to someone is to criticize them.  Ron Paul is the Mike Gravel of the republican candidates.  Did you watch Mike Gravel chew up and spit out the other democrats on the debate? they didn’t argue with him.  They folded their hands and smiled no matter how he attacked their records.  Why?  For the same reason girls ignore you guys when you walk up to them, and start talking to them in a bar.  Because if you ignore someone they may go away.  Those competing with Ron don’t want him getting noticed.  All publicity is good publicity for Ron.  Even me.

   another good bet is that the blog world appears to be either apathetic or liberal for the most part.  So, they either don’t care, or they don’t dislike him.  Ron Paul is someone the democrats think they can beat handily because they think he is about a turnip shy of a truckload.  They don’t blog against him because they don’t know he hates them.

   My last plausible cause for the lack of anti Paul blogs  is they require work.  I write about Paul maybe one post out of five on the average.  There just isn’t that much out there that you don’t have to work to find.  He only releases the feel good Ron Paul is the messiah crap on his blog, and the news organizations say as little as possible about him.  People are lazy.  You want an easy cheesy punching bag you nail Clinton or Romney.  They have plenty of history to attack, and all Ron has is his whole anti-government thing.

   Well, you can zap his followers pretty good.  Most of them appear to be thumbsuckers, and mouth breathers, with the occassional thumbsucking, mouth breathing militiamen thrown in.  Although I did meet an anti-zionist (self proclaimed) muslim who loves the guy.  His blog is at ahmed Ismael I believe…check out oldephartintraining if you want to find ahmed. 

15 Responses to Why there aren’t more anti- Ron Paul blogs

  1. mdvp says:

    Hey criminy… may want to check this out: http://www.politico.com/blogs/thecrypt/0707/Ron_Paul_warns_of_staged_terror_attack.html. That should draw the Pauliacs if you criticize it enough.

  2. thank you MD..check out the link on my last post…its outrageously funny

  3. the link didn’t work…this page has been moved or can’t be found

  4. mdvp says:

    I’ll do that.

    Really? Try this, and if it doesn’t work, just go to politico.com, its right on the front page.


  5. i found it…thanks bud

  6. tsoldrin says:

    There’s just not enough to devote an entire blog against… but probably the laziness factor is the biggest part.

    Give it about 4-5 months… when the field narrows some more anti-paul rat bastards who hate freedom are bound to come out of the woodwork 😉

  7. hi tsoldrin…good to see you as almost always…you have an interesting blog btw…i think being anti anyone this early is almost as insane as being locked into anyone right now. That said, Ron is different enough from the others that I can almost understand his backers being so rabid about him. He all but gaurantees a fun race.

    thanks for stopping in

  8. Braden says:

    Well I’m not an anti-Paul guy per se. But I did write a few negative things about him, much to the displeasure of his avid online fan base. I generally didn’t oppose him on the issues, except for the war on terror. I keep seeing anti-Ron Paul stuff on MySpace. A lot of it has to do with the 9/11 truth connection. I think you’re right about the Paul/Gravel connection. And I also think that Ron Paul fans don’t have much of a sense of humor.

  9. hello again Braden

    thats what makes the pauliacs fun. Nothing like mad dog salivating crackpots being given a forum

    thanks for coming by

  10. Braden says:

    Oh absolutely! I wish you could see my stats. I went from 1 visitor the day before I wrote the Ron Paul post to 229 visitors on the day I wrote it! They were soooo mad. I think it’s because deep down they knew that a lot of what I said was true…or will be true, haha.

  11. hi braden. you must have tagged it quite effectively. The ron pauliacs don’t come see you when they are mad at you. *L*

    thanks for coming by

  12. mdvp says:

    Wait, you were serious about the magneto thing?

  13. okay…my brain is still cooked…what magneto thing?

  14. Braden says:

    No mdvp, the Magneto thing was definitely a joke. I was referring to one I did last month about Ron Paul.

  15. Joel S. Hirschhorn says:

    My big problem with Ron Paul is that though he says he is a champion of the Constitution, he has not supported use of the Article V convention option our Founders gave us, because some day we might lose trust in the federal government; that day has arrived; learn more at http://www.foavc.org and become a member

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