Sunday is for random Roscoe

loofa-bunny.jpgdemonic-possession-bunny.jpgcranky-bunny.jpgfine, you want the wonder bunny, you got the wonder bunny.  Just so you know, I paid in blood to get you rabbit pictures.  Roscoe needs a trim, and doesn’t like having his picture taken.  I don’t like getting blood transfusions, so todays random thoughts could be a little vindictive.

pic one…sneaking away loofa bunny

pic two demonic possession bunny

pic three yeah, now you know why i live in terror…how would you like to have that lusting after your ankle?

19 Responses to Sunday is for random Roscoe

  1. Anita Marie says:

    I don’t know Criminy, I’d have to say Roscoe looks like he harbors lustful thoughts about your ankle even when he’s sleeping.

    That’s me…always with the happy thoughts 😉


  2. mdvp says:

    Oh my god.. you should submit those to I can haz cheezburger. i can see the second one with “I can haz ur soul?”

  3. Roscoe Rocks. *L*

    what a great line. I think i might be banned from there.. I talk bad about catz…a lot…when i visit

  4. jots down anita’s name for special attention in next weekends random thoughts

  5. max says:

    Wow. Roscoe is a red head.

  6. he is a grump is what he is. He is a thrashing grunting little ball of hatefulness around a camera

    and he has now met max

  7. max says:

    That is funny. I wonder why he hates cameras. Jones really did not like cameras either and I never knew why.

  8. i don’t know…it took two months to get him to sit in my lap…now he’s as previously posted, a pest. I clipped his nails after the photoshoot. No cat can rip an arm to shreds like that

  9. max says:

    Um. After an animal does something it does not like, you do something the animal really does like so that the two acts will be associated with eath other. So, um, next time you take little Roscoe Bunny’s photo, which should you do?

    A. Give Roscoe Bunny a nice bunny snack.
    B. Give Roscoe Bunny a woman.
    C. Clip Roscoe Bunny’s toenails.

    [Also red heads prefer black accessories Roscoe Bunny needs a black collar not a red collar what were you thinking?]

  10. that cracked me up. I did give him a treat, and the clipping came after i doctored myself.

    all i know was i saw collar with bell and thought roscoe. I’ll look for a black one. i believe dark green would also be okay, right?

  11. max says:

    I think green is too subdued for Roscoe I bet he would like camouflage though.

  12. he doesn’t chill with the talons he best like pepper and brown gravy. *g*

  13. mdvp says:

    I’m a loldog sort of guy myself. But the kitties are so cute.

    Did I just say that? Shoot me.

  14. i concur…not about the kitties…about the shoot you

  15. max says:

    “But the kitties are so cute.”

    You know there should really be nothing wrong with that, yet it sounds so wrong….

  16. I think MD is in hiding, max..i would be too if i said that

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