the hue and cry

   Well the sunday of work more or less killed my random thoughts mood so I’ll try to whip that out later.  Right now I’m more thinking about the insanity I keep hearing on the news.  Shall we?

   Ok, Pauliacs, enough is probably enough, and you guys have really blown this one out of proportion.  I agree that he did not say that the government was planning bogus terrorist attacks.  It seems maybe I’m the only non-pauliac saying it, but thats no reason for you folks to blow a valve or something.  Cardiac care is important, and the old blood pressure is going through the moon on you guys .   Why don’t you discuss the rest of that insipidly stupid interview?  Or was that not your take on it?  I am up to my ears with the whole Ron Paul is the only candidate interested in liberty.  Lets look at his record.  He is interested in doing nothing.  Ever.  That’s what his interest is.  His voting record smacks of abject cowardice, and his hiding behind the constitution, a document that is to hard to change to gaurantee liberty for anyone let alone everyone, continues to wither with the populace.  Quit whining because he got misquoted.  Libertarians are notorious for misquoting anyone that doesn’t agree with them, and this year is no exception.

   Maliki said we could leave anytime we wanted, but today one of his aids translated that to “we want you to stay as long as you want and train our troops.”  Nice.  Wonder which cloak and dagger clown the white house sent to Put Maliki in his place?  If anyone thought he wasn’t our trained lap dog, this should change your mind on that.  Our seating an “elected” government in Iraq is maybe the dirtiest thing we have done over there.  They are making no headway, or effort, to reach the benchmarks established by “us” again.  Is Iraq now the 51st state or something?    Bring home the troops…let the humanitarian disaster begin.

   It’s not Iran, it’s Pakistan dummies.  While its possible the pauliacs are right, and George Bush really is dumb enough to enter open conflict with Iran, the good bet from a security stand point is Pakistan…here’s why.

Israel showed at Osirak that they are not going to let a muslim country have nukes.  They won’t let Iran either if it comes down to it.  They only listen to us if their security is not directly threatened, and Israel has always felt that a middle east nation with the bomb is a direct threat to their existence…which it is.  They have the bomb, so it’s a little hypocritical to say others shouldn’t, but I’m kind of an Israel fan so I don’t mind a little hypocrisy.

Pakistan has the bomb.  Several attempts have been made on Musharrafs life.  The al qaeda #2 has given us the three warnings notification required by the Quran.  Osama showed up on a video tape.  Whether he is alive or dead is an academic question. All the portents are there, and al qaeda has called for holy war against the pakistani government.

If we are going to invest ourselves in open conflict anywhere it really needs to be there.  Thats the threat.  We can defuse the Iranian issue with diplomacy, and a slow but coming withdrawal from Iraq.  Al Qaeda and the Taliban have proven they can’t be talked to, and its time to finish the little mess we made there.  Sorry pauliacs and messiah…you’re gnashing of teeth and rending of flesh over your projected Gulf of Tonkin incident makes no sense in the big picture.  Of course, Bush has proven he isn’t a big picture guy.

   These pesky muslims really have us chasing our tail don’t they?  We never learn from our mistakes, and this is proof of it.  When you get a snake by the neck you choke it until it is dead, dead, dead, you don’t let it go to see if it will bite you again.


10 Responses to the hue and cry

  1. Bret says:

    So, basically, we should kill all muslims, to stop the problem? Just wondering.

  2. hi bret….nope, we should learn to direct our attacks at the perpetrators. All muslims are not bad.

    what we need to do is train our forces differently. we used hunter killer teams successfully in vietnam, and there is no reason to think that if we had more forces trained for it, we couldn’t be just as effective at it today. You don’t fight terrorists (one mans terrorist is another mans guerilla) with conventional forces. That hasn’t worked since the dawn of time. Ask the romans.

    thanks for coming by

  3. I’m a fan of Israel myself. And it’s good to hear a point of view such as yours (or should I say, ours?).

    Keep letting it all out. I enjoy reading.

  4. hi ms. mix. what can i say. i like a spunky underdog. thank you and thanks for stopping in.

  5. tsoldrin says:

    Criminy, I think you project too much of what ‘you’ might do onto these hypothetical issues and may be forgetting that the Presidents of both Iran and the U.S. are quite insane. I still see some provocation coming from Iran sparking the big one as part of ‘the plan’, but I’d agree that Pakistan is the real threat… it is also the threat which everyone seems happy to ignore. I don’t however see us attacking Pakistan (or for that matter Iran either) with ground forces. Pakistan will probably be handled by their own ISI forces with our secret backing… perhaps loaning them some chemical weapons (sound familiar ?). Iran I am guessing will be nuked by Israel, with us giving the big thumbs up.

    On your previous comment… hunter killer forces would be fine, however they should be drawn from allied muslim countries, not our own. We only ever end up making people mad at us when we try that stuff and that’s a terrorist recruitment tool.

  6. hi Tsoldrin yes, i do project. Trying to instill common sense to the nonsensical leaders were talking about is probably a bad idea.

    Iran does seem to want to push us. I just don’t think they are really willing to push us hard enough.
    as far as hunter killer teams, our surrogates would be fine, but I’m not sure we could train them fast enough, and I’ve never seen anything from a muslim country militarily that impresses me, and that includes the opposition in IRAQ. They are not good, we are using bad tactics. Possibly for strategic reasons, but i doubt that

    thanks for coming bt

  7. mdvp says:

    May Allah the Great and his messenger and Prophet Mohammed (Prayers be upon Him) show you the true path, for the Qur’ran tells us that the truth of Islam shall stand out from lies. May you, false follower of the prophet Jesus (PBUH) be shown that Islam is the True religion of Peace or may Allah… what was it again? Oh, yeah, rip out your spine from your back and split your brains in two, then put them back and do it over again. Amen.


  8. I don’t remember that last bit, but you’ve obviously been doing your research…i’m getting damn it

  9. mdvp says:

    That was a prayer from some website in reference to an author of one of the books I’m using. Just a few more days until you’re disappointed by the quality of my work.

  10. i doubt i’ll be disappointed.

    i like huey dewey and louie for gosh sakes

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