the troops support Ron Paul?

  The numbers are in.  They have been crunched, and it appears the military supports Ron Paul. The numbers do not tell us why, but it stands to reason that people who choose to bein the military tend toward patriotic views, and Ron has that market fairly well cornered now that John McCain has done his typical step-on-the-dick campaign for president.

  So what do the numbers tell us?  I’m going to round way up (thats in favor of Ron Paul, pauliacs…climb out of my rectum.  We’re going to call it 30,000 dollars the troops gave paul.  If we just count the troops in Iraq, thats about 20 cents per head.  Not exactly an overwhelming number is it folks?  How much you bet I can find you 100 blogs right now crowing about it like it was manna from heaven?  whoops, thats not the whole military though, and this counts veterans…woof…that blows…lets see….call it 2.8 million in the active and reserve, and lowball it at the same number of vets equals 5.6 million.  Well folks…thats substantially less than a penny a piece.  Damn, No wonder the blog is blowing up about this.

the irrepressive pauliacs are at it again.  Don’t laugh at them.  They get way defensive


20 Responses to the troops support Ron Paul?

  1. criminyjicket wrote: > pauliacs…climb out of my rectum.

    But it’s so warm and cozy in there! You can’t expect a brother to just up and leave.

    Seriously, though, your comment reminds me eerily of my ex-wife. I couldn’t say for certain why.

  2. anti…thats just wrong dude. the next post is even better…i love ron paul

  3. mdvp says:

    Looks like the troops know what they’re fighting for. Ron Paul is the Constitutiob candidate. WOOO!!! *foam at the mouth*.

  4. stanky says:

    Wow! That’s some serious spinning there. = )

    Ron Paul gets the most donations from the military, and you just have to find a way to swoop in and poop all over that fact. That’s OK though, most everyone else is doing the same thing, IF it’s mentioned at all.

    By the way, how are things going in my hometown? Homie!

  5. hi stanky…not so good really….we have a tax and spend democrat as mayor, and the electorate is pissie…

    a lot of folks are lauding the accomplishment. So am I. I just added perspective to the hyperbole

    thanks for coming by

  6. a Ric Flair imitation? how cool

  7. mdvp says:


  8. impression…i meant impression…i never get pro wrestling talk here

    i think conservatives are the fan base for that.

  9. mdvp says:

    Not me, I think it’s garbage along with NASCAR.

    Then again, I do enjoy sipping lattes and I really don’t see anything wrong with Volvos. I wonder why I’m conservative…

  10. you aren’t maybe gay are yuh?

    geez, i was kiddin…put your valve back together

  11. mdvp says:

    WHAT THE H- Okay, you’d better be kidding. You’d better be kidding… You’re lucky you headed me off early, I’d probably get to the point of finding a way to nuke the whole of Indiana just to get you.

    I’m dead serious. 🙂

  12. I gotta tell yuh…if it were to get rid of all these damn hoosiers…it would be almost worth the price of my life.

  13. mdvp says:

    Oh, and I see nothing wrong with liking lattes. As long as they’re not soy lattes or whatever. I prefer cappuccino or just espresso though. They’re not liberal are they? Are they?

  14. oh just admit your going to vote for hillary yuh lefty. Beer is a conservative drink. so Is coffee…those things you like…straight up metrosexual ultra leftie juice my friend.

  15. mdvp says:

    I would think they make me even more conservative. Like ultra concentrated coffee. I was never a redneck or cowboy sort of conservative. More of a religious/corporate-ish conservative hybrid. A north sort of conservative. And I’d vote for Edwards if I were a lefty.

  16. chuckle…i wouldn’t piss on edwards if he was burning

  17. mdvp says:

    Well, why woulf you want to ruin the fun?

  18. precisely. of course I’ve already heard a democratic candidate scream like a girl so I’d probably not even hang out and watch

  19. mdvp says:

    I would. I wonder if he’d try to save his hair first?

  20. of course hewould. the other choice would be his balls and he has none

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