Because you asked

July 17, 2007

  I’ve been told Its hard to figure out where I stand politically.  A lot.  I’m not that hard to figure out.  what you do is take a basic amount of common sense, a strong desire to leave other people to hell alone, and an even stronger desire to be left alone, and you have my political viewpoint.

I should end this post right there, but then I’d have people praying for roscoe to chew my nads off , and we can’t have that.  So what I’m going to do is list some things I feel strongly about, why I feel that way, and maybe even ad lib a little..just for a change of pace.

Abortion.  I think this is the issue rolled out every four years to incite the masses so that we can get a whopping half the people in this country to vote.  I am neither for nor against.  I do not have ovaries.  what I am for is letting a woman choose what to do with her body.

Gun control.  very important.  If you don’t have control you may not hit what you’re aiming at, and I’m very anti-miss on that.  I think guns are inanimate objects, and therefore should not be legislated against. I do however believe that because people are so incredibly messed in the head that it should be a very difficult process to get a gun.  There should be medical and criminal background checks, including fingerprinting.  there should be at least a 30 day waiting period, and each state should have a “gun board” that deals in nothing but approving or disapproving gun purchases.

Healthcare:  I believe there should be a safety net for those who are not able to work, and I believe that if you have the wherewithal to hire people you should have the wherewithal to insure them.  If this means controlling the cost of insurance I’m ok with that.  Lets face it, demanding that we carry auto insurance causes car insurance to go up.  If the government is willing to force prices upward they should also force prices downward.

foreign policy.  Its hard to negotiate when you’re the toughest dog on the block.  you’d rather just bite the bastard that’s pissing you off and get it over with.  I think the use of our military globally should be a last resort, and when diplomacy fails and it is used we should use it without mercy.  If it’s worth going to war over it is worth doing the “terrible swift sword” thing, and annihilating the opposition.

Immigration.  Unlawful immigrants should be detained and removed without prejudice.  they should be able to have a hearing to seek political asylum and then should be sent home.  Legal immigration should be open to anyone without regard to need,  ability or ethnicity.  A lottery would work fine as far as i’m concerned.  We make issues like this harder than they are.  has anyone sought to grant amnesty to the millions of americans who went to prison for crimes against property (versus crimes against a person)? Nope.  They let them carry that label for life. So why give amnesty to people that come from elsewhere illegally?

Voters rights.  This one is the cause of all our problems.  I don’t think just anyone should be allowed to vote.  I think you should be required to pass a test.  Voting should never be a right, but rather a privilege for those who take the time to understand what is going on.  Don’t hand me crap about to expensive and to time consuming.  The Bureau of Motor Vehicles could administer the test along with your driving test.

Gay Rights.  I’ve known a lot of gay people.  they act just like hetero people…except for the whole sex thing.  This one is simple.  they should have the same rights as anyone else, including marriage.  What do I care if rosie wants to marry Paula Abdul? or If Ron Paul wants to marry Henry Gibson?  I don’t care if you marry a panda as long as you keep your hand off my ass without my consent

political corruption.  This should be treated like a cop who commits  murder.  They have been put in a position of trust, and if found guilty the punishment should be fair firm and impartial.  Loss of all benefits should be part of the punishment, and the sentence should reflect the feelings of society at large…in other words if they embezzle tax payer money the sentence should be the same as if they embezzled funds from a company. If a congressman wants to go there and do nothing ala Ron Paul then the voters have the choice to get rid of him…thats not a crime.

sex crimes.  I love the registry, but I think we need to go further.  I think the deth penalty should be an option on the second offense, and no less than 20 years in prison on the first. I know its a disease they say, but a lot of this type of diseases can be cured with a bullet through the medulla oblongata.  No mercy for these sicko’s that destroy others lives, and to be honest they should start by imprisoning the judges who make light of sex crimes…and there are a lot of them.

Diet soda.  It should be outlawed.   No questions asked, and the people who produce it should be taken into the town square and be flogged until they are unconscious.  All diet soda’s taste worse than …well…anything else.

Corporal punishment.  I am for.  If you get caught stealing a good asswhipping in front of the townspeople will  probably discourage that behaviour in yourself and those who view it.  We spend to much money on incarceration when flogging would be inexpensive, and quite likely more effective.

capital punishment.  I’m okay with it if the case is a prima facie case.  No other case should even have it as an option.  Certainly not a circumstantial case.  Here again though it should be public.  Let everyone see exactly what happens when you kill your wife, or nanuk at the convenience store.  Deterrance hidden behind walls is not deterrance.

this isn’t everything, but it makes a nice starting point.

lets do the news

July 17, 2007

  first the really important story…It’s a human interest story from the Grape Gazette.

Roscoe, fluffy and mollie seem to be hitting it off.  In fact I’m almost certain there may be a little inter-species lesbian thing going on if you know what I mean.  Roscoe is happy because someone speaks his language, mollie is happy because she has someone to snuggle with, and If I’m not mistaken the two of them being happy means FLUFFY IS A FREAK.

Maybe the rat bastards won’t kill me and grill me after all.

   the new intelligence estimate is out.  I’m willing to bet half of the readers here could’ve done as well.  Why do they always play politics with our security?  you would think on this at least they would all speak with one voice.  they can’t though.  You can’t be the most important if you agree with someone else.   Here’s the link…you shouldn’t bother…nothing new here;_ylt=AjjTS5Ima.DS.aCafPZKAGsL1vAI

  Pakistan is trying to take the lead in the death by suicide bombing category from Iraq.  Man what a mess they are, and our assistant secretary of state is calling for more military action from Pervez .  Man, we do have some seriously militaristic type s running our country.  Unfortunately, the ruling party in the congress (the democrats) have no balls, so it will continue.;_ylt=AjbIywqw550DxJcms7ct2jyWwvIE

I don’t know about you, but I love poker.  I’m a huge 7 card stud fan, but the game of choice has become texas hold ’em.  Probably because any idiot can figure it out.  It’s preschool poker, but its big time money.  The world series of poker main event final table is playing, and the winner is going home over $8M richer.  Only Lee Watkinsoon is recognizeable, and the players come from all over the globe.

Harry Potter book available in its entirity online.  ok, this is really cool.   First….read the blue box on the left with the guys picture on it.  Then read the story.  Then go, well what the hell does that ….

In keeping with the Bush Administrations policy of attacking anyone anytime, parachutists jumped on the fremont prison in colorado.  I think its about time we attacked colorado.  whats interesting is these guys, when asked for identification gave the guards a paper that said they were defense department employees…that may not seem like much to you civilians, buut any former military man or woman reading this is going HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,2933,289551,00.html

A pro wrestling story just for MDVP..its the chris benoit thing, and it lays out a pretty good run on how it all went down…Yes, he had steroids in his system

  I told you text messaging was from hell.  This story is one you gotta see…then tell your kids to watch it.

Obama girl vs. giuliani girl…this is pretty dumb, but I’ve never linked to booty on my blog so here yuh go

maybe the first step toward proving me right, Iran and the U.s will hold direct talks about Iraq in Baghdad.  The pauliacs will hate this, and Ron Paul must be shuffking his scare mongering feet a little too.

ok, that does it for the news…lots of murders, a dude burned his wife to death, Michael Vick indicted for dog fighting (what an asswit he is), those nurses accused of spreading HIV in children in libya are getting their death sentences commuted to life in prison, etc. etc.  It just oges on.  I think next time I do the news I’ll only do the good stuff.  Which means this post would’ve been one paragraph long

6 a. m. hateful

July 17, 2007

it occurs to me that the more ignorant the comments get the better I feel.  I’m now even reaching dumbasses and getting them to think in their own little take-out-their-brain-and-play-with-it way.

its raining hard.  Thats bad.  when it rains in indy everyone becomes an idiot, and driving to work is more adventurous than Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

i hate my friggin pets.  They are noisy, inconsiderate, and only just barely more intelligent than your average Libertarian.

Oh shut up and go back to sleep

i’m outta here

Ron Paul favored by 2/3rds of libertarians polled

July 17, 2007

  Those are sweet numbers.  Only 1/3rd of the people that are most likely to believe in what you do won’t vote for you.  This is an incredibly interesting poll, and gives a lot of insight into the minds of libertarians.  If I had to say they vote with one thing in mind and I could only use one word based on this poll I would say the word “wallet.”

another fun fact is that they utilized the first ever working time machine to take this poll.  You have to love libertarians.  They have moxie.  the poll was taken between july 2 and july 10 2008.

I don’t do terror

July 17, 2007

  Others do though.  I found this site when he linked to something I said awhile back, and I find his blog to be chilling to say the least.  If this post doesn’t keep you up nights nothing will.

Ruh-Roh (or roscoe scares me into getting him a babe)

July 17, 2007

I woke last night to the sound of voices.  I didn’t recognize either of them, but will remember them to my dying day.   Or maybe I didn’t awaken.  All I know is one of them was male, gruff, and had that two pack a day habit sound to it.  The other was feminine, almost giggly.  A drug induced euphoria cadence, and content.

gruff: what do you think?

euphoric.  I don’t know, but I know I’m sick to death of kibbles and chunks.

gruff: quit your whining.  I get dried oats and ground up hay.  Try living on that.

euphoric:  We don’t know how to work the grill.

gruff:  So what?  We’ll figure it out, or go with steak tartar.

euphoric:  What’s that?

gruff:  Raw meat.  I learned it watching emeril.

euphoric:  i only watch the purina commercials.

gruff:  So i’ll lay over his blowhole, and you bite him on the nuts.  When he opens his mouth to scream, I’ll stuff my ass puff down his throat.

euphoric: what if he wakes up before we get in position?

gruff:  Then you sit there smiling,  and i’ll hump his ankle.  It worked last time.

euphoric: Okay (giggle) lets do it.

I rolled over then, and coughed.  I heard the rapid thump of a retreating rabbit, and the sound of Mollie trying to crawl under the night stand.

then there were all these women, naked, and feeding me all sorts of fatty foods. there was music, and dancing midgets, and a herd of sheep walking through a meadow with lust in their eyes…

gruff(voiceoverish):  He’s not sleeping real sound.  We’re going to have to wait for another night.

euphoric (also voiceoverish):  If i have to follow him around with this stupid smile on my face for one more day I might just eat myself.

gruff:  You can do it.  Just think, 175 pounds of meat.

euphoric (All giddy): and no more getting my nails clipped, haircut, and living with a stupid rabbit.

gruff (lasciviously): exactly, but remember..i get dibs.

   I woke up late for work, and virtually fled out the door.  On the way home I stopped at a friends house and asked if she would loan me her rabbit.  For what she said.  Roscoe needs a woman says I.  she got all euphoric and said giddily..oh boy, puppies.  I don’t think they call baby rabbits puppies says I.  She said I’m the girl..i can call them whatever I want.   Fair deal.  Give me the damn rabbit…know anyone wants a dog?

 authors note: when i got home i tried to open the frontt door and it was stuck.  I could get it just far enough open to  see roscoe and mollie lying in a ball together.  I think they may have been laying in wait, but whatever the case, they wouldn’t move.   I had to climb in the bedroom window to get in my house.  There will be no sleep tonight.  I fear roscoe has ill intent.  poor little fluffy.  Who in their right mind names a vicious rodent fluffy?