6 a. m. hateful

it occurs to me that the more ignorant the comments get the better I feel.  I’m now even reaching dumbasses and getting them to think in their own little take-out-their-brain-and-play-with-it way.

its raining hard.  Thats bad.  when it rains in indy everyone becomes an idiot, and driving to work is more adventurous than Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

i hate my friggin pets.  They are noisy, inconsiderate, and only just barely more intelligent than your average Libertarian.

Oh shut up and go back to sleep

i’m outta here

4 Responses to 6 a. m. hateful

  1. Anita Marie says:

    I’m glad you’re amused by ignorant comments.
    I just get all ticked off and go to my fiction blog and write a story about cannibals or something like that.

    It works.


  2. Anita Marie says:

    You know what’s sweet?
    When the comments are longer then the original post.
    Not sure what it means but I think its funny.

    ps be nice to your pets, if they ever find a way to communicate with the world we’re all screwed. They know too much.


  3. i’m not real verbose in the morning. *s*

  4. anita…90 percent of the population annoys me slightly…ignorant comments are so common i refuse to get ired up about it

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